water bottle inspo (ft. cute water bottles)

hey friends! I know this post sounds *so weird* but there are some really cute water bottle out there! hope you enjoy ❀

Okayyy you might be like “water bottles? christina do you literally have NO post ideas left?” BUT water bottles can actually be really cute and having a cute one is super good for drinking extra water πŸ™‚

note: these pics aren’t mine, if you know an original link comment below or email me at christina.raquel.snyder@gmail.com. thanks!

Image result for painted hydroflasks

painted hydroflasks are the CUTEST! I am the least artsy (at least with painting) person ever so making my own would be impossible, but there are tons of etsy shops with already painted/custom hydroflasks!

Water bottle in drinking enough water.

motivational water bottles like this one are awesome and can be super helpful if you’re trying to drink more water (I know I am!)


Image result for rifle paper co water bottleImage result for rifle paper co water bottleImage result for rifle paper co water bottle

rifle paper co water bottles are also super cute! their patterns are really fun.

Image result for cute hydroflasksImage result for cute hydroflasks


what’s your favorite water bottle? do you use a water bottle currently? post ideas?Β 

❀ this made me thirsty, christina


6 thoughts on “water bottle inspo (ft. cute water bottles)

  1. I have a floral patterned water bottle and a plastic one I decorated with washi tape!!
    Those painted HydroFlasks and the one with stickers are SO CUTE!!
    loved the post and the cute waterbottle pics!

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