breakfast ideas (yummy, healthy, and simple)

hey guys! I’ve been trying to eat breakfast more often these days since I have more time in the mornings and these are some of the things I’ve tried that are yummy and healthy but also super simple! I put a time estimate for each of them in case you need to know how much time it would take, but they all should be pretty easy/quick.

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tips to feel motivated

hey guys!! feeling motivated can be really hard but today I’m coming at you with some tips that will help you feel motivated when you’re feeling lazy. 🌻

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themed family dinner ideas

hey guys! recently I’ve seen a ton of themed dinners so I decided to compile a list of themed dinner ideas for you and your family. you can be super extra with these (like dressing up, decorating, making special foods and labeling them, watching the movie or playing the game it coincides with, basically just go all out) or you can just use the ideas to make a special dinner.

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mothers day gift guide

I can’t believe it’s already May! today I’m sharing a list of gift ideas for mother’s day. Shopping for parents is always hard but I think you’ll find at least one thing for your mom in this post πŸ’›

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ways to make your room cozy for spring

hey guys! since spring is here I thought it would be fun to share some ideas to make your room cozy for spring. also I thought it might take our minds off quarantine (I’ve been sharing lots of posts about that lately so I thought something new would be fun!) πŸ’›

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self care ideas for quarantine

hey guys! since we’re all in quarantine I thought I would share some self care ideas. I think this is a great time to step back, refresh, and take care of yourself, so here are some ways to do that πŸ’›

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10 things to bake during quarantine

hey guys! if you know me you know I love baking so I decided to share some yummy things you could bake during quarantine. sadly we don’t have any flour or sugar because we ran out at the worst time and there’s none left in stores :(( but I will live through the amazing things you guys bake! so if you make anything send me pictures (you can email me at or dm me on instagram at @christinaandcamera) please. I would love to see πŸ’›

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water bottle inspo (ft. cute water bottles)

hey friends! I know this post sounds *so weird* but there are some really cute water bottle out there! hope you enjoy ❀

Okayyy you might be like “water bottles? christina do you literally have NO post ideas left?” BUT water bottles can actually be really cute and having a cute one is super good for drinking extra water πŸ™‚

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8 simple hairstyles for busy mornings (ft. some of my fav scrunchies)

8 simple hairstyles.png

I don’t know about you, but when I google “simple hairstyles”, hairstyles that do not look simple at all come up. That might be simple if I was a professional, but… I’m not. So if I can do this hairstyles, so can you!

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the ultimate list of goals

the ultimate list of goal ideas

π’½π‘’π“π“π‘œ, 𝒹𝑒𝒢𝓇

maybe you want to do yearly goals for the first time this year (2020 is in 2 days!!!) or maybe you just need a list of ideas for monthly or weekly goals, this post is for you. I’ve always wanted to have a list to refer to when creating yearly and monthly goals, whether big or small. To make it easier to understand, I split up the goals up into different categories, so if you have a specific type in mind, look for that category. I hope this is helpful!❀

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