13 challenges to get your life together before the new year

there are only 13 days left in 2021… which is crazy. if you’re anything like me, you really want to get your life together & get organized before the new year.

i’m challenging all of you guys to complete one of these little challenges every single day (starting tomorrow) before 2022. i’ll be doing it along with you guys and posting updates on my instagram (if you don’t already follow my instagram, make sure you go do that! i post lots of little life updates & mini blog posts as well as products and things i love).

bonus: i also made a couple freebies to help you guys with this challenge!! i made a checklist for each of the items that you can print off and check off each item on your own. last year i made a list of journal prompts to reflect on 2020 & set goals for 2021 and i also updated those prompts for this year. both freebies will be at the end of the post ❀

01. listen to a podcast

i LOVE listening to podcasts and i listen to them all the time! some of my favorites right now are:

  • woah that’s good with sadie robertson huff
  • what we said with jaci & chelsey
  • anything goes with emma chamberlain
  • 80/20
  • for the girl
  • morning rae

02. wash your bedding

03. clean & organize your bathroom

i feel like i accumulate so many skincare & makeup products that clutter my bathroom so quickly! whenever i take 30 minutes to organize my cabinets and wipe down the countertops i feel so good and i feel like i have my life together.

04. make a vision board for the new year on pinterest

this is literally so fun! i love making a pinterest board of what i want my life to look like for the upcoming year and i would definitely recommend making a paper copy to put somewhere in your room too (to help keep you focused on your goals)

05. journal about 2021

i made journal prompts for this that you can download below πŸ™‚

06. move your body in a new way

or maybe just do something you haven’t done in a while (go for a walk, do some yoga or pilates, etc)

07. read a book

08. declutter your closet

starting the year off with a clean/organized closet is amazing!!

09. organize your spotify/apple music

10. clean out your email

11. plan out your goals for 2022 – journal about who you want to be

again – you can use my journal prompts for this!!

12. spend an hour outside

13. spend the day off of social media


it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here and i’ve missed you guys!! comment below if you’ll be following along with the challenge! let’s chat in the comments ❀


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