JUNE PHOTO DUMP + MY CURRENT FAVORITES (playlist, glowy summer makeup, and books)

hello and welcome to or welcome back to christina raquel ❤ i hope you’re having a wonderful day!

the fact that it’s already july blows my mind (insert mindblown emoji). 2021 is halfway over?? what?? but anyways, june was a great month (SUMMER) and i can’t wait to show you guys some of my favorite photos from this month. these monthly photo dumps have kind of become a thing and i honestly love them so much.

also if you want you can follow me on instagram & pinterest hehe i’ve been trying to post lots on both of those 🙂

some of my favorites from this month:

i’d love to hear how you’re doing and some of your current favorites!! let’s talk in the comments 🙂 xo


12 thoughts on “JUNE PHOTO DUMP + MY CURRENT FAVORITES (playlist, glowy summer makeup, and books)

  1. Love this! I’ve started listening to some more Taylor Swift recently and I love cardigan so much! I’ve also been reading The Hunger Games and am completely obsessed XD I can’t believe we’re halfway into summer already either 😭

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    1. cardigan is such a good song! and i love the hunger games series 🙂 i actually just read the prequel to it a couple months ago and it was really good!

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      1. I know right? That’s cool! I did hear it was good! I’m only in the second book so I still have a little bit to go.

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