sorry this post is a little later than normal! I had a really busy week at school because the end of the first quarter is coming up and my birthday was on monday! I’m super excited for this post though because FALL IS HERE. Here in Florida the weather has been a lot cooler even though it’s still pretty hot compared to other parts of the world.

In this post I’ll be sharing some fun aesthetics for fall and the month of october! Save your favorite to set as the wallpaper for your phone, and tell me your goals/bucket list for this month and season in the comments below πŸ™‚


summer inspo | what to do when you’re bored this summer

Summer is in full swing, which means if you’re like me, you get bored pretty quickly! At the beginning of summer I’m always super inspired by bucket lists and aesthetic pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, but as summer continues I usually run out of ideas.

I love summer – the extra sunshine, no school to worry about, and beach trips make it one of my favorite times of the year! So to help you make the most of this sunny season, I put together a short collection of inspiration for your summer. Hopefully looking at these aesthetic photos from Pinterest inspires and motivates you 🀍

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your guide to a glow up {introduction}

hello frens πŸ™‚ hope you’re having a great day so far!

today I’m kicking off a new series called “glow up weekly” where i share a different way to glow up each week. I am so excited for this series and I think you guys will love it πŸ’›

I’ve seen my share of glow up checklists on pinterest (and I’m sure you have too) but what does a glow up actually mean? after looking deeper, I realized that “glowing up” can really be whatever you want. it basically just means becoming a better person, and you can achieve that in so many different ways! you can do what’s best for your body by eating clean and healthy or take a self care day to relax and rejuvenate.

glow up: a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better

to kick off this series, I’m sharing a long list of different things you can do to glow up. each week I’ll go through the list and go into detail on each step, sharing tips and life hacks to glow up!

also: there will be a freebie included in each post where I make the tips for that day into a printable format! you don’t have to subscribe to any lists or follow anything (though I would appreciate it if you followed my blog!) to get these freebies.

you can download this picture for free πŸ™‚ just right click on it and click save!

today I’ll be sharing a printable checklist for your glow up and a list of all the steps we’ll be including πŸ’›

just a note: girl, you are beautiful just as you are! don’t start your “glow up” with a negative mindset or thinking you need to do this to be pretty/for people to like you. do this for you, girl. a glow up doesn’t just mean trying a new makeup look – it’s a journey to a healthy, positive, and confident lifestyle.

also, feel free to skip any of the steps on the checklist or mark them off if you already have accomplished them. for example, if you already have an exercise routine, you can check that one off (just make sure you’re actually doing it, heehe). this is for you, so use it however you’d like.

here’s each of the steps this series will include:

  • create an exercise routine
  • eat healthy
  • plan your life/get organized
  • have a self care day
  • drink more water
  • declutter/organize your space
  • be confident in who you are
  • journal
  • get more sleep
  • stick to a skincare routine
  • curate your playlists
  • unfollow negative social media accounts
  • have a positive outlook on life
  • take care of your hair

today’s freebie:

today I’m sharing a (super cute, but I might be a bit biased) checklist that you can print off and hang up in your room during this series. there’s also a little notes section where you can add in your own items, journal about your progress, make a shopping list, notes as you read through each post, and really whatever floats your boat! I will be using this checklist throughout the challenge as well and think it will be really helpful πŸ˜‰

save to your device and print this out!

I also made the checklist downloadable as a pdf file if you’d like to print it that way!

if you skimmed this post: we’re starting a glow up challenge! every week we’ll focus on something different (posts will be coming out every wednesday) and we can check off each box together!

I’m also thinking about going live once or twice during this challenge over on instagram (@christinaandcamera) to chat with you guys, answer questions, etc. let me know if you would join that πŸ˜‰

are you excited for this series? I am so pumped to see how it goes and glow up with you guys πŸ’›

comment below if you’re doing this challenge! πŸ’›

ways to make your room cozy for spring

hey guys! since spring is here I thought it would be fun to share some ideas to make your room cozy for spring. also I thought it might take our minds off quarantine (I’ve been sharing lots of posts about that lately so I thought something new would be fun!) πŸ’›

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spring aesthetics

I knowΒ  a l lΒ  my recent posts have had something to with spring but I love this season and it is coming so soon! here in florida we’ve had several cold days but mostly super humid/hot days that remind me of july 😦

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spring wallpapers for your phone

🌻 hey guys! can you believe that it is almost spring? my spring break is coming up in about two weeks and I can’t believe it. I’ll probably be sharing some spring outfit ideas soon so look out for that ❀ christina

today I’m going to be sharing some spring wallpapers for your phone… I don’t know about you but I change my wallpaper every couple of days – there are so many cute ideas! If you’re wondering I find most of my wallpapers on pinterest, so these aren’t owned/made by me.

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water bottle inspo (ft. cute water bottles)

hey friends! I know this post sounds *so weird* but there are some really cute water bottle out there! hope you enjoy ❀

Okayyy you might be like “water bottles? christina do you literally have NO post ideas left?” BUT water bottles can actually be really cute and having a cute one is super good for drinking extra water πŸ™‚

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A non-expert’s overview of Bible Journaling


Today I’m going to be sharing a HUGE post about bible journaling. We’ll talk about my favorite supplies, some art I’ve done, my bible, and we’ll even look at some art inspiration. Are you ready? I sure hope so!

Bible Journaling (2).jpg

To bible journal, you need a bible, so I’m going to show you guys mine.

Non-referrer link to Amazon- I bought it when it was $24 from this seller

I bought my bible in January of this year, and it’s held up beautifully! As you can see from the picture, it’s gotten rather splotchy (I have no idea how it could get dirt on it, lol) but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s also available in hot pink, but I didn’t want that. At first I planned on getting a bible cover as well but I haven’t had any need for one, so I don’t plan on getting one.

None of the pages are falling out or anything like that, and the paper is very nice. It’s not super thin like most bible’s pages, but it’s not too thick either.

I highly recommend this bible for someone who has just started bible journaling and doesn’t want to “mess up”. There are lots of simple line drawings, which are awesome and very creative (nothing I could draw, lol). Bible journaling has also really improved my hand lettering, so I’m comfy with doing lots of art, and I also put sermon notes in it.

Bible Journaling (3).jpg

Now for the fun part, XD! I’m going to show you several art example and try my best to add the supplies I used.


They’re not all very good pictures or art, but I love flipping through the pages and looking at all the pieces of art I’ve done.

Bible Journaling.jpg

Starting at top left, going clockwise

My Creative Bible $28.34

Crayola colored pencils 24 pack $9.34 (about 39 cents/pen)

Pilot G2 pens 12 pack $12.79 (about 1.07/pen)


Sakura Pigma Micron Pens 6 pack $10.93 (about 1.82/pen)

Staedtler colored pens 10 pack $14.49 (about 1.45/pen)

Washi tape $7.90 (about 20 cents/roll)


Bible Journaling (4).jpg

Image result for bible art ideas

I've been aching a little lately, for missions. I am not in a go season. But I am in a... | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

Bible Journaling by Mimi @_mimi_rn | Proverbs 31:10

Job 19:25 January 9, 2017 carol@belleauway.com, watercolor, bible art journaling, journaling bible, illustrated faithBible Journaling by @rileys_illustratedfaithSilly Bee's Chickadees, faith as small as a mustard seed (actual size), Matthew 17:20 #journalingBible #illustratedfaith #faithartAnother spine doodle. Another shot of the fun bibles that will list TODAY-each one has a phrase on the edge. You can pick it or I can. ------------ Hand painted Journaling Bibles are going to list in the shop TODAY at Noon CST!!! There will be an option to purchase just a bible or a bible with 10 tabs,5 scripture cards, and a sticker. These bibles have a doodle on the top side of the pages...EACH BIBLE WILL COME WITH SOME EXTRA FUN GOODIES!! set your alarms. #illustratedfaith


I hope you enjoyed! See you next week πŸ™‚



Why I don’t have Pinterest + an alternative

georgie-cobbs-459520-unsplash (1).jpg

Today I decided to share an easy alternative to Pinterest!


I’m going to share this alternative with y’all right off the bat… Unsplash! I know, right? If you don’t know what Unsplash is, it’s a free photo website full of high-resolution photos. They’re all free for the taking and you can use them anywhere, plus they’re great quality! Awesome, right – if you want photos. But you can use Unsplash for other things too! I use it for a Pinterest board. It’s not the same, but here’s what it DOES have.

  • Tons of great quality photos- if you want photo inspiration, this is WAY better than Pinterest. These photos are professional and hand picked daily!
  • Bible journaling and art inspiration- this is surprising but true. There are quite a few gorgeous spreads for bible journaling, art, bullet journaling, and planners.
  • Cute pictures of babies- I know! But they’re so CUTE πŸ™‚ ‘Nuff said.
  • Food pictures- I have a whole board on this one πŸ™‚
  • Boards- You can make collections that are kind of like pinterest boards! It’s very similar.
  • Appropriate photos- the photos are all hand picked and very appropriate.
  • You can submit photos- I can’t promise that they’ll be accepted, but you can submit them!
  • You can like photos
  • You can follow other people’s feeds
  • Your feed is specific to your interests



One thing I love about Unsplash is that it’s not ads for products. On pinterest, the pictures make you want stuff, but Unsplash pictures don’t (for me).

Go to unsplash.com today to sign up, or check out my unsplash account with the link above.