I’ve been blogging for over 4 years (which is CRAZY… my brand & style has come a longg way from the beginning lol) but I feel like I still have soo much to learn about creating content. It can feel overwhelming because there are so many different resources out there – but I don’t want to spend money or time on something that won’t actually work. Recently I’ve been wanting to take a step forward with my blog because I feel like I’ve almost been in a plateau for the last year/few months.

That’s where LadyBossBlogger comes in! I had heard about their courses before so when I had the opportunity to collaborate with them and take the Grow Christian Blog course I was really excited! To be honest, in the back of my mind, I thought “maybe this will be like the other stuff about blogging I’ve heard over and over… be patient, connect with other blogs, etc”. That’s where I was wrong. I learned so many new things that I had never heard before that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

The course that I took helped me feel a lot more confident in my blogging journey and I now feel like I really can move forward and take that step. I have a specific direction and plan for going forward that I didn’t have before. Like I said earlier, I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of resources out there before taking the course, but now I feel more clarity and less stress because I have a defined plan.

One thing I love about the course (which is true for all of the LadyBossBlogger courses!) is that you can go back to each module/lesson if you need a refresh on the information. This is so helpful because you don’t have to worry about writing down all the important info and you can always come back to the course and reread any of the sessions.

I learned so much by taking this course about affiliates, SEO, pinterest, etc that I simply can’t talk about all of it in one post! So I’ll just say that there is so much helpful information that you will learn about growing your blog (along with myths about blogging, how to overcome problems, etc) and I highly recommend this course for all my readers who have a blog or are looking to start a blog!

I can’t wait to put everything I learned into use so stay tuned so see more results from the course over time!

I have an affiliate link for you guys (which means I get a commission if you purchase the course from my link! I love your support and it makes it possible for me to continue doing this <3). You can also use my code “christinaraquelblog” for 20% off πŸŽ‰


share your comments below and if you have any questions let me know!! love you all :))



  1. That’s really cool, Christina! Now I’m interested in taking that course — it sounds like something I could definitely use! I’ll be sure to use your link if I end up taking it. 😊

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