the ultimate teen girl gift guide 2019

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it’s that time of year again!!! shopping for christmas presents is so much fun but it’s also hard sometimes. today, I compiled a list of things each different type of teen girl would love for christmas! (hint: scroll to the bottom of the post for a long list of things every teen would love!)

the musical one.png

the musical one

Everybody knows the girl who’s always listening to music. Beats or airpods are great gift ideas (if a bit expensive) and spotify or itunes gift cards are also great ideas.

  • itunes/spotify gift card
  • airpods/beats
  • a speaker
  • concert tickets

the sporty one.png

sports enthusiast

We all know that girl who plays a sport every season and LOVES p.e. with everything. Thankfully buying gifts for them is pretty easy because you can never have too many nike shorts! A hydroflask is a great option too and you could always get them some stickers to decorate it too.

  • hydroflask/cute water bottle
  • fitbit
  • new backpack/sports bag
  • nike/adidas shorts

the bookish one.png

the fangirl (aka books are the best)

Most people know at least one of these teens (or several!) and they are actually pretty easy to buy gifts for too. They usually have a list of books they want, and barnes and noble or thrift books are great places to get them a gift card.

  • new books (obviously!)
  • or even better – gift card to thriftbooks, amazon, barnes and noble…
  • bookmarks
  • a cute mug 

the writer one.png

the writer

these people are so easy to buy gifts for because they can never have too many gift cards (starbucks or dunkin is the best!), notebooks, or writerish mugs!

  • cute mugs (honestly these are the best for anyone lol)
  • notebooks
  • kuerig pods/tea bags/basically anything tea or coffee (depends on which they like bettter)
  • starbucks/dunkin gift cards
  • pens

the beauty one.png

the beauty blogger

Obviously this isn’t just for beauty bloggers, but I think everyone knows one of these people. Thankfully buying gifts for them is relatively easy because there are so many ideas! You can never have too much nail polish 😂

  • new purse/clothes (something you know they would like)
  • makeup brushes
  • gift card to their favorite beauty/clothes store
  • nice hair brush/styling tools
  • nail polish

the foodie one.png

the foodie 

Depending on the amount of money (a cookbook or apron is cheap, but a mixer isn’t!) you have and the type of person you’re shopping for, there are tons of options. The apron above is from anthrop and it’s super cute if you’re looking for a simple option!

  • recipe book
  • cute cooking utensils
  • gourmet spices/chocolate 
  • cute apron (anthrop has the BEST ones)

the artsy one.png

the artsy one 

Tbh I think everyone knows one of these… I know there are SO many different art styles so depending on the girl you should pick something they would like. For example – if they like to paint you could get them some nice paintbrushes, or if they like brush lettering you could get them some brush pens 🙂

  • sketchbook
  • nice pens/markers/painting stuff
  • a print from their fav artist

the camera one.png

the photographer

This is one of the more unique personalities, but I know a couple teen photographers and these would be great gifts for them! If they have a youtube channel or something too you could get them some of these gifts.

  • new camera bag (there are so many cute ones on etsy)
  • new camera strap (ditto to above)
  • get some of their photos printed
  • an online photography course (amy and jordan have a great one)

and… you know, everyone else

these ideas are great if you’re not exactly sure what type of person the person is (or they don’t really demonstrate any of these categories… I didn’t include everything!) OR they would work as stocking stuffers because of  🙂

  • cute mugs
  • journal/notebook
  • gift cards: amazon, starbucks, dunkin, barnes and noble, itunes, chipotle, chick-fil-a, basically anywhere you know they love!cute pens/markers
  • a book they’ve been wanting
  • scrunchies (Hannah @ The Striped Plaid has some really cute ones, you could look on etsy for more expensive but nicer ones or buy them on amazon for a lot of cheaper ones that aren’t amazing quality)
  • socks (no seriously, get cute ones and they will love you!)
  • nail polish
  • earrings/rings/any jewelry
  • phone case
  • mini backpack
  • lettter board
  • perfume/lotion (bath and body works is awesome for cheaper ones and you can find nicer/more expensive ones online)
  • a cute wallet
  • string lights
  • speaker
  • sunglasses

What do you want for Christmas this year? Which category do you think you would be in?

🎁 happy shopping, christina

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