a {quite typical} week in my life

This week I decided to share a week in my life… it was a pretty boring week but I decided to share it anyway… let me know your thoughts below please ❀

Sunday: FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!! I was so excited haha. We went to church which was great (the first week of advent yayyy). In the afternoon we ate cookies, listened to christmas music ❀ and decorated our tree!! Then I went to youth group which was super fun as usual haha πŸ˜‚ we’re a pretty crazy group (there’s just five of us) and we have soo much fun lol.Β  My dad and I went to fresh kitchen (yum, if you haven’t tried it, it’s super tasty and I would definitely recommend it) but I wasn’t feeling too great 😦

Monday: Sadly (but, you know, also yay!) I threw up Sunday night so I had to/got to stay home from school! It was a pretty lowkey day at home (I tried to work on a little blog stuff but yeah that didn’t really happen lol, watched some when calls the heart… I just started season 1 xd, and yeah!) I also had a violin lesson which was good but I’m pretty stressed out bc we have a recital coming up o.O

Tuesday: Pretty normal day at school (except I had wayyy too much homework aggg plus everything from monday) so that was fun *sarcasm* We also had our weekly community group which was great – we had a good sermon discussion and then I watched some veggietales with the kids (I still love it ngl).

Wednesday: honestly just a normal boring day hahah there was a shadow at school which was fun but otherwise it was super boring πŸ˜‚

Thursday: we got to skip school (yay) for rehearsal for our fine arts concert. it was pretty boring but we got to talk so that was fun πŸ˜‚ in the evening we had the fine arts concert (i’m in choir) sooo yeah?

Friday: do y’all see a theme? another *boring* day at school. I had health/english/bible tests and midterms are coming up (I think like the 18th-20th?). We got our first study guide which lowkey freaked me out o.O They’re only like a week or two away (WUT??) in choir we played games the whole class which was fun. By the end of the day I was TIRED (we didn’t get home thursday night until like ten and I woke up at six) and 100% ready for the w e e k e n d!!

anyway…Β  this week might not have been the best to choose for a week in my life type post but at least I updated the post every day?? Would y’all like to see more posts like this?

oop and sorry the post was so short?

πŸ• so tired, christina

I have no idea why I picked the pizza emoji… but now I want pizza? thanks a lot emoji it’s like nine pm. πŸ˜‚ anyway bayyy guys I should probably stop writing I’m really tired—




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