spring 2020 q+a answers

hey guys! hopefully this post brightens your quarantine. the (long awaited… but not really lol) answers to my q +a!


what’s a bright side you see to quarantining?Β ahh I could say so much on this! Hopefully once we come out of quarantine we will appreciate things a lot more (like in person church services, spending time with family and friends, and hopefully we will be so much more kind to neighbors and friends!). Also quarantine is a great time to rest and cut back on our busyness and relax/refresh ourselves and practice self care!


what do you do most throughout the day?Β probably check social media 😐 which is not the greatest thing! I’m trying to cut back on it a little bit but it’s really hard because I have a little bit of fomo (fear of missing out).

how are you finding social distancing?Β honestly? a little boring and I’m not really loving being stuck at home (I love my family so much but sometimes being with the same people all day can get on my nerves). but to be honest it’s not that different than my regular life because I don’t usually do a ton of stuff (usually I’m just at home anyway) so I like that everyone else is at home too so I don’t have to be the only one not doing anything fun πŸ˜‚πŸ’›

fav movie?Β okay there are so many choices I can’t choose!! a top favorite isn’t coming to mind but some of my favs are the sound of music, the music man, anything disney, and I also loved a not well known movie called yours, mine, and ours starring lucille ball (who I love!!).

jessdjcoles (on instagram)

if you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life past present or future, what would you say? to trust God always no matter what and He will bring you through this and don’t try to take your future into your hands because he has got this! also be kind to everyone because you don’t know what they’re going through.

what are you looking forward to in the coming months?Β I was really looking forward to camp the first week of June but I’m pretty sure it’s cancelled 😦 other than that probably seeing cousins and family!!

what’s your dream car?Β white jeep but with a top!

what’s the best show currently on tv?Β to be honest I don’t really watch shows but I love when calls the heart and bringing up bates πŸ’›


who’s your favorite blogger?Β what this is so hard and I have so many favorites!! actually my current favorite is hope lelani. her blog design is so cute and her posts are amazing! go give her a follow please if you don’t πŸ’›

what’s your favorite starbucks drink?Β I get something different every time because I don’t go a ton but I love super sweet drinks and cappuccino/frappuccinos and anything chai. I also love refreshers… basically anything except hot coffee πŸ˜‚

are you more of a dog or cat person?Β dog 110%! I think the main reason for this is I’ve only had bad experiences with cats and they kinda freak me out lol.

do you like the snow? yes I adore it and love it so much 😍


coffee, tea, both, neither? both! but not hot coffee πŸ™‚

top 3 books you’ve read in the last 6 months?Β live original by sadie robertson, allll the christy miller books by robin jones gunn, and how the light gets in by jolina petershsiem (also: a bonus one lol – the saturday night supper club by carla laureno)

favorite vegetable?Β cucumbers!


go to comfort food? alll the chocolate πŸ’›


what is your favorite candy?Β reeses! sooo good

do you like coffee or tea? both haha!

what is your favorite color?Β yellow or blush pink but I really love allll the colors lol


what is your favorite fruit?Β mango! I don’t like the mushy ones but my favorite is actually frozen mango which is actually SOOO good omg πŸ˜πŸ’›

do you like godiva chocolate? um yes 😍😍😍😍

what is your favorite puppy?Β golden doodles! they are so cute and fluffy

do you like unicorns?Β yes! unicorns are awesome and I used to be obsessed… I’m not obsessed anymore but I love them still πŸ’›


also guys please let me know if you can see my pictures! I know a ton of people have not been able to (and there are only two in this post actually) but I’ve been doing something different so I hope you can see them.

have an amazing weekend!! do you have any plans (who am I kidding, it’s quarantine)

πŸ’› love, christina






17 thoughts on “spring 2020 q+a answers

  1. Awww thanks for responding to my question! I love chocolate too (I honestly think I eat too much 🀣) Anyway do you prefer dark or milk?? Milk chocolate for me is sooo much better? And have you got a favourite brand? Mine is definitely Cadbury!

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    1. of course! I love chocolate soo much and really any type is amazing but my absolute favorite is the dove dark chocolate with sea salt caramel which sounds super weird but it’s SO GOOD! I will eat any type of chocolate though lol πŸ’›


  2. The Sound Of Music and the Music Man are both great films!!!! I can rewatch them countless times and the music/songs are very catchy.I love jeeps as well but, I think my dream car would be a gray jeepπŸ˜‚ hahah , I love how added a Jeep with a top because I never understood why people have cars without a top. There’s always a possibility that is may rain …..

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    1. I love those movie so much too and it’s so fun to sing along! I know, I never really understood why people would want a car without a top πŸ’›

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  3. Loved reading the answers!! Both the questions and answers were fun to read !

    Hope I make it to your next Q&A :)))


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