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hey y’all!! since everyone is doing online school now I thought I’d give you guys some tips since I did online school for for 3 years and learned a TON of helpful info. so bookmark this post because you will use it ❤

01. get organized/have a specific place to work. if you have a super disorganized space or you’re working on your bed than you won’t be productive. even if you don’t have a desk designate a shelf or basket for your supplies and create your own little nook (prefarably somewhere where you can have quiet and work in peace but I totally understand if that’s not possible because I have 4 younger siblings lol) anywhere in your home.

02. create a routine/schedule. the key here is to be CONSISTENT. it’s okay to vary a little day by day but don’t wake up at 6 on mondays and 10 on tuesdays. creating some normalcy makes it seem more like “real school” and you will be so much more productive. check when your live classes and teacher’s office hours are when making your schedule so you can shape it around that.

03. write down your assignments/keep a planner. when I was in online school my planner was my BEST FRIEND. seriously write down every single thing in it – every class, every teacher’s office hour, every assignment – it is so helpful! earlier in the year I didn’t use my planner (we have our assignments online) but with online school I feel like you need it more than actually going to school if that makes since lol. you don’t even need a special planner, you can use the notes app on your phone, make a bujo if you’re good at art, print a calendar and write stuff on that… there are so many options!

03. set goals for yourself. an example could be that you want to finish all your work by 1 pm or get all a’s. it’s really helpful to have something you’re working toward whatever that may be. if you don’t meet it don’t be down but try to see what you can do better next time! your goal could be for a certain assignment (for example: I want to get above a 90 on my history research paper) or really for anything!

04. get ready for the day. I don’t mean you have to straighten your hair and put makeup on every day, but you shouldn’t do your work in your pajamas. changing into jeans and a comfy t-shirt will boost your productivity and you won’t feel the urge to suddenly take a nap when you should be working. brush your hair and put it up in a simple hairstyle (like the ones I shared in this post!!). wash your face and put a little bit of makeup on if you want (like a little bit of mascara or some lip gloss!). this will literally make you so much more productive because you’ll feel like you’re actually at school which boosts your productivity.

05. get motivated. however this works for you! blast some of your favorite tunes or print out an inspiring quote for your desk. this one is super short and simple but it really helps. I have a vision board above my desk in my room with a bunch of quotes and cute pictures on it that motivates me. think about where you want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years and print out pictures of that (you knew I was going to say this… but pinterest!) to help you move toward that goal.

06. minimize distractions. oh my goodness guys I cannot stress this enough! for me this is my phone. put it across the room or turn it off ALL THE WAY or you will be tempted to go on social media (which is not going to help your learning or productivity). anything that you think might distract you must go away from your space!

I hope this helped y’all!! bookmark this post for later use because trust me you will use it lol ❤❤

❤ love, christina


16 thoughts on “online school tips

  1. I’m not doing online school since I’m homeschooled but I’ve been doing zoom classes for my co-op and I find it VERY helpful to change into some jeans and a t-shirt instead of just wearing sweatpants as it helps me feel more productive and I get more done! Awesome post, super helpful! ❤️

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    1. That’s great that it’s not much of a change for you!! I agree, that is such a productivity booster ❤ aww thanks so much jasmin! I hope you have a great day!! :)))

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    1. aww thanks so much! I have been using them too since online school is such a change ❤ I hope you have a lovely monday!


  2. OMG my parents have actually told me to use all these tips too🤣 You’re right they’re so helpful, I’ve been taking my karate classes via Zoom but sadly we can’t do any sparing (fighting, which is my favourite thing lol) so maybe you could share top tips for online activities

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    1. really? that’s super great! aww, I’m sorry you can’t do the actual fighting :(( I will try to do a post like that soon ❤ I hope you have a great week!


  3. Great tips Christina! I am homeschooled, and I 100% agree on these for boosted productivity and success with school. For me, putting on clothes and makeup is a must for feeling good about the day! Setting up a morning routine is really helpful too. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m also nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award! I’ll be posting it on Wednesday, but I’m letting you know beforehand. 😊

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