ways to make your room cozy for spring

hey guys! since spring is here I thought it would be fun to share some ideas to make your room cozy for spring. also I thought it might take our minds off quarantine (I’ve been sharing lots of posts about that lately so I thought something new would be fun!) πŸ’›

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online school tips

hey y’all!! since everyone is doing online school now I thought I’d give you guys some tips since I did online school for for 3 years and learned a TON of helpful info. so bookmark this post because you will use it ❀

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54 things to do when you’re bored (at home because quarantine)

hey guys! I’m sure we’ve all had our share of boredom recently, since we’re all stuck at home now. In this list, I tried to include things that maybe weren’t super obvious (but a couple really obvious ones too!)

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