heyo friends! I hope you’re having an amazing friday. I have been loving the glow up series so much & I know you guys like it too!! this week we’re going to talk allll about curating your playlists. i’ve always wanted my spotify to be super cute but it’s honestly not lol. in this post I’m just going to be sharing a couple of my current favorite songs and I would love it if you guys could share yours in the comments below too!

(little warning lol these are a lot of different random/genres! haha)

  • it would be you (ben rector)
  • right where you left me (taylor swift)
  • somebody to you (the vamps)
  • candy (robbie williams)
  • gold rush (taylor swift)
  • forever (lewis capaldi)
  • all you had to do was stay (taylor swift)
  • what am i (why don’t we)
  • exile feat. bon iver (taylor swift)
  • someone to you (BANNERS)
  • pierre (ryn weaver)
  • wonder (shawn mendes)

christian songs ❀

  • iykyk (elevation rythym)
  • here again (elevation worship)
  • rest on us (UPPERROOM)
  • real (lauryn hobbins)
  • spirit of the living God (vertical worship)
  • heart of God (hillsong young & free)

what are some of your current favorite songs? let’s chat in the comments! xo



  1. Heart of God is one of my all time favorites. I love it so much. OOh you should listen to Sinking Deep by Hillsong if you haven’t already. It’s at the very top of my list, and I will never get sick of it. I think you’ll like it. Let me know your thoughts though!

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  2. this was super cute – i literally have one playlist and its called ‘meg’s bop’ – i honestly can’t think of a name for it hahah! it’s literally got taylor swift and musical sons on because thats all i listen too πŸ˜‰ hope you have a nice weekend x

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  3. I’m obsessed with making playlists!! So far in 2021, I’ve been making playlists for each month, with songs to match the mood or vibe of the current month and the songs I’ve been obsessed with recently. I like to use solid colors that match the playlist as the cover to make it aesthetic (if that makes any sense!) Great post & thanks for the song suggestions!

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  4. Yess I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every song on your playlist and I loveee them. hmmm the songs I’ve been listening to atm are happiness by Taylor swift and Ever Since New York by Harry Styles. I also had right where you left me on repeat yesterday but you’ve already got that πŸ˜‚

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  5. Great job girly!! And yeess I adore Upperoom’s music!! It’s incredible!! My go to artists are Surfaces, Public Library Commute, Maverick City and a few others. I also like Harry Styles and Olivia Rodrigo’s song, Driver’s License(clean version). Although, Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendes’s song Monster is good too!!
    Loved seeing your playlist songs!
    -kaelyn πŸ˜›

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