heyo friends and happy monday! today I wanted to share a mini target haul because I found some great deals and got several things that I love that are all 5 dollars or under. I tried to link as much as I could so you guys can check out the items as well! :))

i found this little pack of spiral hair ties and I love them!! they were only $2.50 (clearance am i right??) which is a great deal in my opinion! sadly I couldn’t find a link 😦

so random but I got gum!! what is your fav flavor of gum to get?? I’ve gotten this one since I was a little kid lol

so I actually don’t have an actual beauty blender (I normally use these white little sponges that you can buy big packs of) so I’m really excited to try this out! I don’t love the color but that doesn’t really matter lol. it was only $5 and you can buy it here!

I also didn’t have an eyelash curler (I knowww but I was terrified of the idea of it!) so I got this super cheap one and I already like it. I’m not sure if I’m using it right but I think it worked? shop here for $2!

I also got this fake plant for $5 (couldn’t find a link sorry!) and while it doesn’t look crazy realistic I think it’s cute and I like it!

the last thing I got was this 3 pack of plastic tumblers. they have cute designs on them and for $5 they were an amazing deal. I can’t wait to use these for my iced coffee lol!

what are your fav recent target finds? your fav products? do you like iced coffee? let’s chat in the comments! xo


22 thoughts on “MINI TARGET HAUL (ALL UNDER $5)

    1. I literally don’t notice a huge difference either lol it’s not super drastic! if it pinches your skin you’re probably too close to your eyelids? idk if I’m doing it right either haha

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  1. I mean, duh, I LURV iced coffee ☕️ I am absolutely in LOVE with those hair ties and the cup! 😱 my recent Target finds is this cool little tee that says ‘Coffee or Confident?’

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  2. Ahhh these are all lovely finds! The plant and tumbler are so cute 😍💕
    The last thing I got from Target that I loved was a magical coloring book for my sisters! They enjoyed coloring the pages and I enjoyed looking at the designs 😂💜
    And YES iced coffee is da best!
    Btw you have such a pretty blog Christina, the fonts you choose and layout you go with is so wonderful and pleasing to look at!

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  3. *laughs* i have mild OCD in certain things so i have to answer all the questions or i’ll feel un-fulfilled!
    i love to buy my activewear leggings at target, and they are some of my favorites! i’m just gonna assume that my products you meant makeup products, and that would have to be concealer! or mascara.. i have terrible teenage acne, and also really light/blonde eyelashes. so probs be a 50/50!
    yes i LOVE iced coffee! but i can never really make it taste good when i’m making it at home… do you have a recipe? if you do i would LOVE to know! coffee and tea are things i am very passionate about!

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    1. hahah! ooh I haven’t bought leggings from target but I want to! I don’t really have a recipe lol the only thing I really do consistently is add oat milk haha.


      1. if you haven’t bought their leggings u need to! they are the best i’ve ever gotten! and i own a ton of activewear leggings…. *smirks*

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