welcome or welcome back to christina and camera! today’s post is allll about journaling which is something I’ve gotten a lot more into recently. If you’re an OG you know that over the last few years I always tried to make this a habit but it never worked out. Over the past few weeks, I’ve turned a corner with this habit and have been doing it almost every day. if you want to hear the secret, keep on scrolling :))

why you should journal

there are tons of reasons why you should journal! i’ll share a few but there are way more out there :))

  1. helps you achieve your goals
  2. improves your mental health
  3. reduces stress & anxiety
  4. helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings
  5. you’ll get to know yourself better
  6. helps you track your growth/progress

& more!!

how to make journaling a habit

you’re probably reading this and you’re thinking “okay, journaling sounds great! but, um, how do I incorporate this into my routine and make it a habit?”. or maybe you’re like me and you’ve tried before (and have multiple journals that you started but never finished to show for it) but you just can’t seem to keep up with it!

no matter what place you’re in now, you can make journaling a habit!! here are some things I did that helped me to make this a part of my day :))

  • at first, I journaled for 5-10 minutes when I woke up and 5-10 minutes before I went to bed. this really helped me incorporate it into my routine, and while I don’t do that anymore, it was perfect when I was just starting!
  • one of my problems is that I never know what to write! look up prompts on pinterest if you want (i share prompts on here all the time as well so you could always use those!!) or write down what you’re grateful for, what’s on your mind, a to do list, your goals for the week/month/year, something that makes you happy, something that makes you sad, literally anything that comes to mind!
  • little note: you don’t have to write about your day. this is my number one tip for you guys! like I said I never managed to make journaling a habit because I always thought I had to write about my day!! you literally don’t have to do this at all. write about anything you want and if you don’t know look at all the ideas I just shared <33
  • incorporate it into your morning/night routines. currently I like to journal in the mornings while I’m in bed because it helps me wake up and starts my day off well. you might like to do it right before you go to bed so you can reflect on how your day went, or in the afternoon to collect your thoughts so you can be productive. find what time in your day works for you – it doesn’t have to be what everyone else does!
  • also, you don’t have to do it every day! if you feel uninspired and blah one day and it feels like a chore – don’t do it at all. this also really helped me!!

do you like to journal? if so, when do you do it? let’s chat in the comments ❤



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