Self care can seem overwhelming and hard to incorporate into our busy daily routines, but that’s not true. In this post, I’ll share several simple ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine that aren’t hard or complicated and don’t require extra time and money.

I’ve been part of a blogging group called the blogger squad for about a month now with some amazing blogger friends! We decided to do a collab with a focus on self care. I’ll link all their blogs so you can go read their posts as well :))

Zainab – posted on the 17th

Pati – posted on the 17th

Isabella – posted on the 16th

Catherine – posted on the 15th

Meghan – posted on the 16th

Imaan – posted on the 17th

Maryam – posted on the 15th

turn off your phone

devices suck away so much time & let’s be honest, they don’t always help our mental or physical health very much!! put down your phone for a couple hours or delete all your social medias for a day.

listen to your favorite songs

my favorite songs always make me happy!!

current favs: ofc alll the taylor swift, hillsong young and free, and if you haven’t yet go listen to drivers license by olivia rodrigo! & of course so many more :))

go for a walk/spend time outside

go for a walk and get those steps in girl!! listen to your fav audiobook/podcast while you do it for bonus points.

drink some water (or your favorite drink!)

water’s obviously the best option, but when you need coffee you need coffee! go to your favorite local coffee shop (maybe get some work done while you’re there too??) and order a fun new drink or one of your tried and true favs.

do some quick stretching

i get so impatient while stretching/doing yoga BUT it’s still so important! take the time to slow down and also release stress.

write down 3 things you’re grateful for

or just say them in your head. like… right now! literally soo easy but it brings in alllll the grateful, positive, happy girl vibes into your life which we all need sometimes! :))

do some skincare

your skin will thank you! wash your face, do a face mask, try a new product, do your routine, whatever floats your boat

take a long shower

let’s be honest we all love this!! play some of your fav tunes and relax. you deserve it girl ❀

i hope you’re having an amazing day!! go read the other girl’s posts & tell me what your fav self care tips are in the comments below ❀



  1. This was so fun to read, and I love all the pics you included! Taking a long, hot shower after a long day followed by a face mask is one of my favorite ways to relax.
    ❀ These are great tips, I'll have to try the grateful list one!

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  2. i’ve always been beating myself up for barely incorporating any self care into my daily life/routine, but after your post, i realized that i should give myself more credit because i’m doing most of these haha. Thank you for this!!

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  3. This post was awesome!! I think we can get so busy sometimes that it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Loved the aesthetic pics that you added as well and awesome tips, Christina!
    Loved this!
    -kaelyn πŸ˜›

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