heyo friends!! i hope you have been having an AMAZING week & happy friday 🙂 today I’m sharing some of my recent favorites. stay tuned to find out my current favorite podcasts, songs, recipes, and beauty products. let me know what you think in the comments below <33

  • if you know me you know I’m addicted to iced coffee. I’ve been drinking it alll the time lately & I’m also hooked on the chobani oat milk. I don’t really drink milk plain but in coffee this milk is so good and it’s super creamy lol
  • I’ve been using function of beauty for the last few months and YOU GUYS I’M OBSESSED! my hair is so healthy and soft and this stuff really works!! I was a little skeptical at first but it’s everything that I hoped for. it also doesn’t hurt that it says my name on it, it smells amazinggg (i got the peach scent) and the color is literally perfection. if you want to try it out I have a link for 20% your first order :)) highly reccomend!
  • I am currently obsessed with the What We Said podcast – chelsea and jaci are so funny and I love the story episodes. I’ve even been going back and listening to their old episodes (i’m almost through all of them oopsies) when I’m bored. fun fact – I’m listening to their most recent episode while I write this lol
  • I’ve been doing different devotionals on the bible app every night (I’ve actually been doing them with some friends which is fun!) and I would highly recommend the bible app if you want tons of different devotionals/plans. there are a ton of good ones!!
  • current fav songs:
    • 85 by andy grammer
    • electric love by BORNS
    • love story (taylor’s version) by taylor swift
    • pierre by ryn weaver
    • falling by harry styles (THE KING I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)
    • can’t take my eyes off you by frankie valli
    • right where you left me (bonus track) by taylor swift (LITERALLY SO GOOD GUYS)
    • enchanted by taylor swift
    • it would be you by ben rector
  • i’ve been using the saltwater breeze perfume from bath and body works and it smells amazingg in my opinion
  • also you can get $1 coffee on mondays from dunkin which is amazing for my bank account & my mood. normally I get iced coffee with oat milk and caramel and it’s so good!!
  • I’ve been doing yoga a lot lately and I’m obsessed. I don’t have a specific video or channel that I love (tbh i normally just search ‘yoga’ on youtube) but it makes me feel so much better especially when I’m sore from track.

I have so many more things I could talk about but I gotta wrap this up. love you guys <33 let’s chat in the comments below – what are your current favs?



    1. hahah my life is literally so boring!! i try to do little things to make it more fun though (like lighting a candle, turning on music, making cute foods, etc if you know what I mean)

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  1. Oh yeahhh I’ve had SO much fun doing devotional plans on the Bible app with friends!! 😍💕 it’s been a while though.
    $1 iced coffee?? Count me in haha
    And yoga is incredible! 😍

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  2. Such a great post!! And oh my goodness, Harry Styles has such good music and Electric Love is an awesome song!! And Bath and Body Works has such good scents! I love their Confetti Cake Pop perfume!! And ooh if you want a good yoga/pilates/barr YouTube channel I highly recommend Move with Nicole! She has such good videos!!
    -kaelyn 😛

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