Welcome or welcome back to christina and camera! Today I’m continuing the glow up weekly series (for the first time in a couple months oops) because a lot of you guys said you really liked it. if you’re new, make sure you check out the introduction post for this series and all of the posts in the series.

Today’s topic is having confidence so I wanted to share some tips, resources, and quotes for being confident in who you are ❀ love you all and hope you love this post!!


things you can do RIGHT NOW to make you more confident

  • look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am beautiful. I am enough. I am loved.” sounds so silly but repeating it out loud makes such a difference!
  • make one of the quotes above your lockscreen on your phone so you see it multiple times a day. you can also put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, or anywhere that you see often.
  • surround yourself with people that bring you up and encourage you ❀


  • pinterest has lots of encouraging quotes like the ones I shared above! make a board full of them and scroll through it whenever you feel down.
  • Sadie Robertson’s book live original is super helpful! I’d highly recommend reading it if this is something you struggle with.
Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to  Her Values: Robertson, Sadie, Clark, Beth: 8601422216622: Books
right click on the picture to go to the amazon page for the book :))

btw – I’m hoping to start up this series again and do it every week (or every couple weeks) :))

how do you improve your confidence? let’s chat in the comments below! ❀



  1. Thanks for the inspiration, it definitely helped me feel more confident, and reading this post was a great way to start off my morning! ❀ You should definitely continue the Glow Up Weekly series, I would love to see more of these! πŸ™‚

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