introducing the camera challenge

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eep guys I’m so excited! today I’m starting the very first challenge ever hosted on Christina and Camera!

the camera challenge

the camera challenge is pretty similar to most photography challenges, but it has some of its own twists.

here’s how it’ll work –

the challenge will last one month, with prompts every week for four weeks. each week, there will be be between three – five prompts that will be awarded points (five points for submission, and up to five bonus points for creativity or a really good picture!)

If you miss a week, not a big deal! You can catch up by doing all the prompts the next week 🙂

Also – if you enter the challenge, you’ll be competing against other contestants –  you will not be put on a team.

the part you’ve all been waiting for…


  • Everyone who enters will receive a sticker/badge (digital image) to put on their blog if they have one.
  • The top three contestants who have the most points will receive prizes – winner #1 will receive a $5 amazon gift card and digital badge, and #2 and #3 will receive a digital badge with their place. (basically, bragging rights!
  • I’ll also be giving out a badge to contestants for the most creative/best photo. I’ll pick one-three of my favorite pictures to award 🙂

how to enter

you do NOT need a blog to enter the contest. HOWEVER, you do need to have an email or some way I can contact you to let you know you won/give you your prize. 

There are two ways to enter the contest:

1 – comment down below and include your name, email address (I’ll delete it from the comment before it goes live) and just that you’re entering.

2 – use this contact form that’ll get sent right to me 🙂



Whichever one you do, make sure to do it before next Friday- October 4th! The first week’s challenge will go up on Monday, October 7.

Share this with your photography-loving friends – the more the merrier!

📷 happy photography,



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