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The music was loud, and people were standing up and lifting their hands, swaying to the beat. The brunette girl with the clipboard and a huge smile was asking me if I was okay with a concerned look, and I was nodding. Why wouldn’t I be? And then the music got quieter and faded until I could no longer hear the words, just a dim hum. No one else seemed to notice, and I was screaming, quietly at first but then so loud that the noise filled my ears, until all I could hear was the deafening scream that I only vaguely recognized as my own. And no one else noticed. Brunette girl stood with her back to me, not turning even though my scream was getting louder and louder, as if that were possible. My scream was so loud that I could no longer even hear the music, and suddenly the swaying people began to fade away, and I reached out for the brunette with the cheesy smile but I couldn’t grab her, and my screams were louder, and I was trying to keep them here – or was it me there? But I couldn’t, and they were fading into darkness, and suddenly my own screams stopped, and everything was quiet and black. And I tried to call out for someone, but sound wouldn’t come. I tried to move, but I no longer could.

Write a backstory (or an after-story – what is that called?) for the prompt. please forgive the terrible writing but it was an idea I had and I wanted to use it as a prompt.

If you do it, please share your story (you could just write one paragraph!! and it won’t be shared so don’t worry about “my writing is SO bad” like girl me too just forget it and WRITE!!

✏ keep writing,



Camp Nano Update: Week One

week one camp nano update

So far, Camp is going great! Today I’m going to be sharing a recap/update of the first week! Are you doing Camp Nano this month?

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day one (monday, july 1) – I ended up writing a total of 3215 words today. It was a GREAT start to camp and I had a lot of fun. Most of the scenes I was working on just came really easily so I’m really glad for that. I didn’t have anything huge scheduled today (a few small things, but that’s it) so I had some time to write.

I didn’t write all at once (now that would be hard – I would get soo bored/tired), but in small chunks. Around noon I wrote 1.5K and before 9am I think I wrote a little less than 1K. In the evening/afternoon I wrote some more and I really enjoyed it!

s u m m a r y:

words: 3215

chapters: Finished chapters three and four and started chapter five

day two (tuesday, july 2) – Today was good – I didn’t write quite as much as yesterday, but I did get my goal done. I had a lot of fun with what I was writing, and I *maybe* changed the name of the book again?? MAYBE.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1422 (total: 4637)

chapters: Finished chapter five

day three (wednesday, july 3) – I started off the day with a tiny bit of “writer’s block” but got past that okay. Today was a little bit busy, but not super bad, so I managed to fit in some writing.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1024 (total: 5661)

chapters: Started chapter six

day four (thursday, july 4) – Today was the fourth of July  – 💙❤💙 🇺🇸 – and we ended up having a pretty busy day! I didn’t really expect to get in 1K… and I didn’t! I’m honestly glad that I didn’t make myself get in a ton of writing because I had a great time with my family ❤ Plus I got pretty stuck… so we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

s u m m a r y:

words: 531 (total: 6192)

chapters: worked on chapter six 

week summary

s u m m a r y:

words: 6,192

remaining: 13,808

chapters: finished chapter three – started chapter six

when I decided to post this on Friday, I didn’t think about actually writing on Friday! Whoops! Anyway, I haven’t written anything today yet so…

This week was great! My goal was 5K and I met/surpassed it so that’s good! I am going to be really busy until Tuesday so I might not write as much next week.

❤ bye,




Introducing my July Camp NaNo project

camp nano (july 2019).png

I am SOO excited for Camp Nano this month!! I think (actually, I know) that I’m a lot better prepared this time (compared to April) and it’s going to be so much fun.

I finally came up with a name (I think) for my “untitled novel”  – it’s “Legacy”. I like it, but knowing me, I may end up changing it 😛 But for now, it’s Legacy!

In April, my goal was 5K words… this time it’s 20. Every day that I write, I want to write at least 1K, but we’ll see. Oh – and I did make a couple mock covers – I’m going to share my favorites today.

This one might be my favorite – the background picture is rather grainy (it’s from unsplash) but I still like it!
I love… and hate this one? It’s perfect but at the same time it’s not lol
This one is super simple which is part of its beauty but I’m not so sure xD

Also – here’s the inspiration board again in case you forgot 🙂

Novel Inspo Board (1)

Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update every week on how writing is going!

camp is going to be awesome!!! are you doing it this month?

❤ bye, 


🏆 Camp NaNo Update | Did I Win? 🏆

post featured image (1)



Do you want to know my goal?? 5K!! *crickets*


Okay, I know my goal wasn’t a lot (are you kidding Christina 5K is nothing compared to what most writers do…) but still. I WON. *more crickets*


Anyway, I suppose you want to hear all about my story (just kidding I know you don’t) so… let’s get started!!

My story’s name is… untitled. Yes, that’s correct! I have NO idea what to call it. Also… I haven’t even finished plotting/outlining it so I don’t really what will happen. xD

Someday I’ll post a professional introduction to my story, but this post is going to be fun and… I’m not sure. Anyway.

Novel Inspo Board (1)

This is my inspo board for my entire novel… As you can see, it’s mainly focused around books, friendships, and a teensy bit of romance. 😂

Aria Style Board

Aria (the main character)’s style board isn’t the best, but hopefully it gives you a little peek into her style. I mostly just made this for my own reference, though!

Aria Wedding 2

Hm… why would Aria be wearing a wedding dress? (HINT HINT) This was so fun to make!


ARIA ^^ This was also fun to make, even though I would prefer her looking towards the front rather than the side. Oh, well.


Goals for *untitled novel*

These are my goals for my untitled novel 😂

  1. Come up with a title (or at least three options) by May 1, 2019
  2. Come up with a summary/plot (short) by May 1, 2019
  3. Finish outlining all chapters by June 1, 2019
  4. Finish rough draft of book (all chapters) by July 1, 2019
  5. Begin editing/re-writing book by August 1, 2019
  6. Get book ready for official re-write/edit by November 1, 2019 (just in time for NaNo!!
  7. Have copy of book ready for alpha/beta readers by December 31, 2019

I’m really scared and excited to see what will happen with my untitled novel!!

Thank y’all for your support (and of course, my AMAZING cabin!!) ❤❤


How to take advantage of Spring Break

post featured image (1)

It seems like a lot of people already had Spring Break… I’m probably the only one who has it this week 😂 But if you haven’t had your spring break already, here are three ways to take advantage of the week off!


❶ – Write extra

If you’re writing a novel, novella, story, or anything in between, take advantage of this week to write extra! You can set a specific goal or just make your goal “to write a lot”. If you’re not writing anything but want to, this is a great time to start that too! Your writing could even be for a blog or school project (or maybe not, because you should never do school on spring break. It’s a rule. That I have broken many times 😂 Actually it’s not a rule and it’s pretty smart!)

BONUS: If you’re doing Camp NaNo’s April session and your spring break falls in April, you’re in luck! 

❷ – Throw a party for no reason

… how is this a way to take advantage of Spring Break? I don’t know. But it would be fun! Throw a surprise party for someone with no reason. You could even do it for someone you don’t know (where do I come up with these ideas… don’t do this guys you could be killed.) Send someone a package full of presents for no reason. Basically, have fun and throw lots of parties. And make sure you know the person. 😂 🎉

Also, be sure to go to work so you can earn money to throw all these parties for no reason. 

❸ – Get organized

TIP: start cleaning before your Mom starts Spring Cleaning (oh the horrors) and you will have an excuse to back out of spring cleaning. JK.

Organizing is always a great idea! It’s also a great way to productively use your break 😜 Since you have a lot of time available, you can get organized. You could clean/organize your room, backpack, school stuff, or anything really, and when school rolls back around you’ll be extra-prepared.

and you just could

  Do schoolwork. Okay there I said it. Don’t kill me! But seriously, Spring Break is a great time to catch up or get ahead… sometimes. Other times you should just take naps (seriously!).


What are you going to be doing over Spring Break? Have you ever thrown a party for someone you didn’t know? (guys I do not know where I come up with things like this. Don’t get any ideas children.)


Blog Tour(s): Tunes of My Heart+ Julia Rose// INTERVEIW!!

I know that I posted an interview on Monday as well, but there is NO way that I’m going to miss either one of these amazing girl’s blog tours… so yeah!


First, let me share with you these awesome girls’ blogs!


Blog Number One…

Sorry, I don’t have a header for this 😦

Tunes of My Heart


Rebekah already has an adorable blog where she posts about the cutest stuffed animals evvver!! Here’s the link: stuffieadventures.wordpress.com.

Prepare to die of CUTENESS… just sayin’


Blog Number Two…

Julia Header

Julia Rose


Julia also already has an adorable blog where she posts about dolls! I love seeing her cute crafts and amazing photography. She’s just so… creative! Definitely, check her out! dollsnall.blogspot.com



The Interview

Today is the day… we are going to prove that Julia and Rebekah are twins!

Are you excited! I sure am!!! I interviewed both Julia and Rebekah with the same questions… so let’s see how similar the answers are. If I comment on their answers, I will write in this color.

What are some goals for your new writing blog?

Julia: First of all, I want to glorify God through whatever I do – including my blog! I also want to use it to share my passion for writing (and the writing itself!) and encourage others by it!
Rebekah: I’d like to be consistent in posting at least once a week (I stick to a pretty consistent schedule for my toy blog, but I’ve never been too consistent in personal blogging). Another one of my goals is to improve my writing in general — developing a blogging voice, writing more poetry and short stories, becoming better equipped in writing skills, and maybe I’ll even start a novel of my own and post updates! As always, I one of my main long-term goals is for my posts to be nice and professional and interesting, and for my design to be pretty. 😉 I don’t have many goals for followers, but it would be awesome if I could expand my audience. However, my main goal is really to glorify God in whatever I do, and my new writing blog is no exception.
Both of them want to glorify God in whatever they do- great!
Julia: First of all, I want to glorify God through whatever I do – including my blog!
Rebekah: However, my main goal is really to glorify God in whatever I do, and my new writing blog is no exception.
They both phrased it the same way too, so according to the first question, Julia and Rebekah are twins!

What are some interesting facts about yourself?

Julia:  Ahhh… this should be fun. Let’s see… I’m half Filipino, and that’s a great starting point for one of the stories I’m writing. I also love rollerblading, and that’s why I was able to ace figure skating on my first try. XD I’m currently on a no-gluten, no-sugar, no-starch, no-dairy, no-eggs diet. XD And I love Larabars because of it!


*rubs hands together evilly* Ooh, here we go!
– I’m the youngest child.
– I like to code.
– My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I get to go to a music and art academy for pretty much the entire day.
– I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do have are really close. (I prefer a few close friends to many pseudo-friends.)
– I’m overly sensitive.
– Who else likes watching those really short, sped-up cooking tutorials?!
– I’m always a multitasker, sometimes a procrastinator, and seldom productive.
– I participate in the National Bible Bee!
– I like making miniature food out of salt dough clay.
– Someday I’d like to compose hymns.
Oh, well the question was broad… so. But sadly, both of them are not the youngest child or half Filipino (as far as we know… XD!) Minus one twin point. 😞

How did you first get into writing?

Julia: I think I first starting writing in first grade, when I begged my mom to trade out some of the boring journal entry assignments in spelling for story writing. That was fun. I think I might still even have those! I started writing my first book when I was eight but abandoned it after eleven pages. XD The first long piece that I ever finished was when I was ten – a 50-something page book!

Rebekah: Well, the first story I ever remember writing was an *extremely well-written* (note the sarcasm), scribbled, one-pager that I set onto paper when I was bored during church at about the age of three. It was about a hog who met a frog who met a three-year-old “people.” EmojiEmoji

Both of them got into writing, but not at the exact same time. This won’t add or subtract any twin points.

How would you describe your writing style?

Julia:  Well.. hmm.. this is rather tricky. I prefer writing in first person, past tense, and I love fantasy or historical medieval fiction. Those are probably my favorite things to write. I’m a little overly-descriptive, I’ve been told, so I’m trying to refrain from going into detail on things!

Rebekah: I  do a lot of describing; I’m definitely not concise. I have a lot of dialogue in my stories, I tend to write in first person, and yeah.

This one definitely adds a twin point- yay! Both of them prefer writing in first person and describe a lot.

What are some tips for beginning writers?

Julia: Don’t give up. Never, ever give up. It’s so, so, so easy to just let go of your dreams and watch them float away. Don’t do it. Don’t give up. Just persevere and keep writing!

Rebekah: I’m definitely not a professional or anything, but…well, first of all, good grammar/punctuation/spelling are pretty important! You don’t have to be a pro or anything (I certainly am not), but avoiding five-year-old grammar mistakes tends to be easy and definitely adds to whatever you’re writing. 🙂 Some other tips are to use descriptive words in place of boring ones and to have someone to hold you accountable.

And lastly? Just write. No matter how bad you think it is, KEEP WRITING.
Yay! Another twin point for sure. They both said to keep writing!

The question: Are Julia and Rebekah twins???

Find out in…


































On 3/5 of the questions, they got twin points. According to this, JULIA AND REBEKAH ARE TWINS!!!

Let’s cheer! Hooray! Let’s throw a party!

I definitely agree that twins do not need to be exactly alike. This was just for fun, and you do NOT have to be alike to your twin if you have one.


🎈🎈🎁🎁🎂🎂 All the party emojis… one for each girl!



Did you enjoy learning more about Julia and Rebekah? I know I sure did. Check out their blogs here:





Did you enjoy this post? Comment below 👇👇


Whoops//Changes coming up

Hey guys!

First of all, So sorry that I haven’t posted in OVER A MONTH! Seriously, that’s awful! There are a couple changes coming up on the blog, just wanted to let y’all know.

  1. Mutka (https://designpiquestudios.com/) is redesigning my blog! She’s amazing and so easy to work with. I can’t wait to get the new design up. Not sure when we’ll be done, hopefully in the next couple weeks or so.
  2. IDENTITY CRISIS!! Ahh! Okay, I exaggerated a little bit, but I’m not super sure what you guys want to see C & C (my little nickname for this blog) become. That is one of the reasons that I haven’t posted in a while; I’ve had ideas, but I haven’t been sure of what Y’all want to see.

Possible Post Examples:

And now my mind goes blank…

Books I’m reading: Do you guys want to see what I’m reading? Not sure if that would appeal to you, but it wouldn’t be too hard to post; I’ve been reading a LOT lately. 

Book Review(s): A couple of books I’ve been reading might be fun to review on here. If you want to see this, let me know!

Writing: I’m in the planning stage of my new novel that doesn’t have a title so if you want to see that journey on here, I could do that.

Modesty/Clothing/Fashion: What do you guys want to see in this category? I could post a couple ideas that I’ve used for myself and maybe you would enjoy that. Not sure, though. 🙂

Art: Warning: I am NOT an artist. This may not be the best category… LOL. I’m not SO great at art… enough said.

Organization/Minimalism/Downsizing: This has been on my mind a lot, so if you want to see this let me know.

School: Okay, okay, sounds super boring, but maybe you want to see this. IDK


What are some of your ideas for what C&C should become? I’d love to know, so comment below.