a writing prompt

The music was loud, and people were standing up and lifting their hands, swaying to the beat. The brunette girl with the clipboard and a huge smile was asking me if I was okay with a concerned look, and I was nodding. Why wouldn’t I be? And then the music got quieter and faded until I could no longer hear the words, just a dim hum. No one else seemed to notice, and I was screaming, quietly at first but then so loud that the noise filled my ears, until all I could hear was the deafening scream that I only vaguely recognized as my own. And no one else noticed. Brunette girl stood with her back to me, not turning even though my scream was getting louder and louder, as if that were possible. My scream was so loud that I could no longer even hear the music, and suddenly the swaying people began to fade away, and I reached out for the brunette with the cheesy smile but I couldn’t grab her, and my screams were louder, and I was trying to keep them here – or was it me there? But I couldn’t, and they were fading into darkness, and suddenly my own screams stopped, and everything was quiet and black. And I tried to call out for someone, but sound wouldn’t come. I tried to move, but I no longer could.

Write a backstory (or an after-story – what is that called?) for the prompt. please forgive the terrible writing but it was an idea I had and I wanted to use it as a prompt.

If you do it, please share your story (you could just write one paragraph!! and it won’t be shared so don’t worry about “my writing is SO bad” like girl me too just forget it and WRITE!!

✏ keep writing,