Recently: Youtube Edition

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A little bit ago, I did a post about things I was listening to and reading. Today, I decided to do a post about things I’m watching! I don’t watch a lot of YouTube, but I have some things that I watch.


Studio C//JK Studios

Did you think I wouldn’t include this? No such luck. While these channels aren’t the same, they are created by the same people and contain similar content. Both of these channels post short (3-8 minute) skits that are hilarious and family friendly! 😍

Ranger Ruby

My friend has her own channel all about National Parks, and I love it! I’ve learned so much about National Parks from her channel 😉 Ruby is a great friend and I would love it if you checked out her channel! I want to get her to 500 subs because she deserves it!

Audiosmiths’ Radio Theater

The Audiosmiths’ Radio Theater is great! They do radio dramas that are really fun, and while I haven’t listened to all of them, the ones I have I love! 😜 Definitely check them out!

Books for Christian Girls

I absolutely LOVE the books for christian girls sight, so when Lindsey launched a YouTube I knew I would love it too! Her videos are all about books, and my favorite is her room tour (guys that room is my dream!! It’s literally the best!!). One recent video was about blogging, and so of course I enjoyed it too. The main emoji I would use for BCFG is… 😍😍😍 xD


Sorry for the short post (oops!). What are your favorite YouTube channels? Do you watch BCFG?