ways to make your room cozy for spring

hey guys! since spring is here I thought it would be fun to share some ideas to make your room cozy for spring. also I thought it might take our minds off quarantine (I’ve been sharing lots of posts about that lately so I thought something new would be fun!) πŸ’›

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10 things to bake during quarantine

hey guys! if you know me you know I love baking so I decided to share some yummy things you could bake during quarantine. sadly we don’t have any flour or sugar because we ran out at the worst time and there’s none left in stores :(( but I will live through the amazing things you guys bake! so if you make anything send me pictures (you can email me at christina.raquel.snyder@gmail.com or dm me on instagram at @christinaandcamera) please. I would love to see πŸ’›

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54 things to do when you’re bored (at home because quarantine)

hey guys! I’m sure we’ve all had our share of boredom recently, since we’re all stuck at home now. In this list, I tried to include things that maybe weren’t super obvious (but a couple really obvious ones too!)

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