june playlist (ft. christian workout jams)

hey frens! I can’t believe it’s already time to post a playlist for june! I always end up doing these near the end of the month oops lol.

anyway my playlists usually reflect my feelings/vibe during the month and this month I decided to post another workout playlist because I’m always switching up my music!

in the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to listen to more christian music. not because non christian music is bad obviously! I love listening to lots of different types of music BUT for me personally music has such a big impact on my life/attitude and a lot of the time I catch myself having a negative attitude when I listen to more negative music or really letting my attitude for the day depend on the kind of music I listen to. so I decided to take a week where I only listened to christian music and I found it really good and helpful for me. obviously that’s just personal, but I know some people prefer to listen to christian music exclusively which is totally fine!

one of the roadblocks during that week of only christian music was my workout playlist. a lot of the christian songs I have on my playlist are more worship/hymn style songs which honestly are not that motivating/hype for working out!

so I decided to make a christian music playlist that will get you HYPE for your workout! let’s do this!!

view the playlist right here πŸ™‚ I’ll keep adding to it, and you can add it to your library so you can access it anytime!

fav songs

i’ve been loving hillsong young and free for hype christian songs that are so fun! here are some of my favs:

i also love for king and country and this is a great song by them!

my last favorite is this song by rend collective! it’s a great song all the time but especially in the summer in my opinion πŸ™‚

do you like christian music? what’s on your workout playlist? share in the comments below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


may playlist (ft. workout music)

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera (if you’re new, HEY!! welcome to the tribe πŸ’›)

can you believe it’s already may?

I sure can’t! sure, it feels like we’ve been following “safer at home” guidelines for a long time, but when I realize that it’s almost halfway through 2020 I am blown away! how crazy is that??

anyway, today I’m sharing my fifth playlist of the month. if you’re new, every month this year so far I’ve been sharing a new playlist (I’m running out of ideas now though so if you have any playlist theme ideas share them with me!!)

this month’s playlist theme is workout music because I’ve been sharing a lot of posts related to health/food/fitness lately and thought it went well together.

note: I did my best to make sure that all songs I included are 100% clean (and I personally don’t like to listen to music full of nasty language/innuendo anyway) but I can’t recommend all of the other songs by each artist (as I haven’t gone through each of them). while the songs I included are clean, not every song by each artist might be. just a little warning πŸ™‚

I might share another workout playlist later this year because this isn’t even the whole thing and I’m constantly adding new songs!

so, without further ado: my current workout playlist (well, ten of my favorite songs from it) !

what’s on your workout playlist? do you like these songs?

encouraging christian playlist

I know these are some crazy times and if you’re like me you get super anxious sometimes so I decided to make my April playlist full of encouraging songs about God being in control!

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