2019 birthday harvest

2019 birthday harvest.png

my birthday was just a couple weeks ago and I had a great time with friends!! today I decided to share my birthday harvest (I picked that term up somewhere – not sure where but I thought it was a creative word to use instead of haul so here we go)

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my september goals

September Goals.png

hey guys what’s up (the ceiling ofc)? time for the obligatory apology/explanation about how I’ve just been way to busy to post but IMMA DO BETTER and yeah.

but I’m definitely going to take advantage of our TWO (!!) days off because of Dorian and hopefully schedule lots of posts. fingers crossed 🤞

anyway it’s time for the monthly goals post yay! I’m not going to review August because I’m 99% sure I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. oops.

this month I’ll do better (LIES)

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