13 challenges to get your life together before the new year

there are only 13 days left in 2021… which is crazy. if you’re anything like me, you really want to get your life together & get organized before the new year.

i’m challenging all of you guys to complete one of these little challenges every single day (starting tomorrow) before 2022. i’ll be doing it along with you guys and posting updates on my instagram (if you don’t already follow my instagram, make sure you go do that! i post lots of little life updates & mini blog posts as well as products and things i love).

bonus: i also made a couple freebies to help you guys with this challenge!! i made a checklist for each of the items that you can print off and check off each item on your own. last year i made a list of journal prompts to reflect on 2020 & set goals for 2021 and i also updated those prompts for this year. both freebies will be at the end of the post ❀

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heyo friends and happy monday! I’m on spring break this week which gives me a much needed break from school and all the business lol. I haven’t done a quotes for your monday post in a while and I know you guys love them, so I decided to do a motivational quotes post. just remember you are a queen and YOU ARE SO LOVED!! xo


quotes for your monday: plan and purpose

hey guys! welcome to the second edition of quotes for your monday. y’all seemed to love the first time I did this so I think I’ll be doing it every couple weeks or so πŸ’› today I wanted to chat about your plan and purpose for your life.

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how to motivate yourself to work out

hey guys! today I wanted to share some ways to motivate yourself to exercise because it’s not always easy but there are so many benefits! pushing yourself even when it’s hard might not be easy or fun, but in the long run, you’ll be so glad you did.

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tips to feel motivated

hey guys!! feeling motivated can be really hard but today I’m coming at you with some tips that will help you feel motivated when you’re feeling lazy. 🌻

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online school tips

hey y’all!! since everyone is doing online school now I thought I’d give you guys some tips since I did online school for for 3 years and learned a TON of helpful info. so bookmark this post because you will use it ❀

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