Week Two of the April Blogging Challenge

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Last week, I did all the prompts in Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge all together instead of posting daily, and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to do the same thing this week.  Note: Instead of starting over at “day one” each Sunday, I decided to continue, so each day will correlate with the day of the month!

DAY 7 – If you could have 1 super power…

Ooh, this is hard. (spends time looking for superhero emojis- I can’t find any 😦)

I think my super power might be always finding the good in something. While flying, being invisible, having a force field, or reading people’s minds would be fun, I think that this would be the most helpful in daily life.

I’m remembering a quote from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader where Lucy finds a spell in a spell book (it’s part of the story) where she can see what her friends are saying (aka eavesdropping).

“Oh dear,” said Lucy. “Have I spoiled everything? Do you mean we would have gone on being friends if it hadn’t been for this—and been really great friends—all our lives perhaps—and now we never shall.”

That’s why I wouldn’t want to read minds 😜 But finding the good in any situation would be a great superpower!

DAY 8 – Your top three favorite blogs to read and why

Oh my goodness why is this so hard!! You guys know I love a lot of blogs, but I’m not really sure what my top three are. If I don’t pick yours, no hard feelings, this was really hard and I couldn’t include all my favorites 🙂

  1. Aria Photo Blog//  I love Aria’s blog! Her most recent post (as of now, the 8th), was “A Day in the Life of a Hermit Graduate”, which was hilariously funny and pretty much my favorite day in the life post ever. Aria’s photos are amazing and I love her blog 😍
  2. Ariana’s Archives (formerly Ariana’s Flying Life)// Sorry guys I know I mention Ari’s blog every single time, but I love it, okay?!! Ari’s posts are always uplifting, funny, and just encouraging. ❤
  3. Bayance// I most recently found this blog and you guys. Seriously. Bayance is SO funny and just a great person 😍 Ever since I found her blog, I’ve been stalking the reader waiting for more posts… is that bad? I hope not because I’m never going to stop 😂 But seriously this blog is a m a z i n g.

I hope you found some new blogs to read! ❤

DAY 9 – Your favorite quote

PLEASE. Why must these be so hard? I love all the quotes!! Pretty much every quote from Narnia is my favorite, but so are so many others 😂 #sorrynotsorry Since I totally can’t pick a favorite bible verse (that would be way harder!) I’m going to exclude those.

This quote from Corrie Ten Boom is really good and so true!!

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.

And… basically everything that comes up when you google “motivational quotes” is my favorite quote 😂

DAY 10 – 10 Color Asthetics

Eep so I wanted to make 10 asthetics… but I didn’t have time (they take FOREVER) soo… I made 4!


|G R E E N|


This one has WAY too many shades of green but finding a lot of pictures with the same shade is actually really hard! They almost matched except for the cupcake and coffee pictures.


|P I N K|


I actually liked how this one turned out even though there’s a bunch of different shades! I just wish that there were more options aside from flowers.


|R E D|


This one *might* be my favorite even though most of the pictures are of flowers (whoops!). With red it’s hard to go wrong because there aren’t that many different shades.

|Y E L L O W|


At first I wanted this to be all gold but… that failed. I wish I had done all bright yellow instead of including gold, but I also really don’t want to make it again soo. My favorite picture is the Volkswagen – I love the color 😍

Sorry for only making four aesthetics ☹ but hopefully they were still good!

DAY 11 – A photo of your handwriting

Oh you guys do not want to see my handwriting… okayyy fine I’ll write something in my handwriting for you… but it is not pretty at all 😂


^^sorry for the iphone photo but I was NOT about to pull out my camera to take a picture of my handwriting lol

As you can tell, I really need to work on my handwriting! xD It’s so messy (but the pen I was using was literally about to die soo) 😂

DAY 12 – Your favorite color with a photo showing it

I have a lot of favorite colors (like A LOT – pretty much any light color is my favorite) but I think blush pink is my absolute favorite.

(also yes I totally used the photos from my aesthetics… #sorrynotsorry

Blush Pink.jpg

DAY 13 – What’s in your purse/wallet/pocket…

This is going to be interesting… I’m going to share what’s typically in my purse 🙂

  • my ripped wallet that spills coins everywhere
  • small notebook/journal for writing random things down (that ends up being full of kid’s drawings)
  • a few pens that don’t even work
  • some tissues- but I can’t tell if they’re used or not (GROSS)
  • a book that’s been due to go back to the library for six months
  • a broken phone charger
  • random crayon wrappers

… and nothing I really need 😂

Actually, my purse is pretty organized (what did you expect?) but it was fun to make it silly!


Week One of the April Blogging Challenge

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I decided to do Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge prompts all together each week instead of daily (because seriously that’s too much for me!) They might be a little shorter because it’s one post, but I think it will be fun! Also I won’t be doing the Sunday ones just because I wanted to post it on Saturdays! Thanks 🙂 

DAY 1- something beautiful to you

Um… a lot of things are beautiful to me! However, as you guys know because I post WAY too many pictures of her, Emily is my favorite. But just babies//little kids in general are the cutest. ❤


DAY 2 – Your Morning Routine

This week I’ve been sick, so my mornings aren’t the same as usual. I actually share a room with my two-year old sister, so the time I can wake up (waking her up is definitely a bad idea, cranky toddlers are not fun) is pretty inconsistent. Honestly, no matter what time I wake up, my routine is the same. I used to be really annoyed if I didn’t wake up at the right minute, but as long as I’m awake before 7, I’m fine! Some days I wake up at 6:00, 6:30, 6:45, or 7:00, and it doesn’t really matter 🙂 When I do get up, though, this is what I do:

  • Shower//Get ready for the day (get dressed, hair, and so on)
  • Make bed + Quickly clean up my room (on a good day it’s clean when I leave 😜)
  • Read bible/pray
  • Eat breakfast (okay okay I really don’t. I should start eating breakfast more 😂)
  • Start classes (my first classes are at 8 AM, and I also generally have to do some schoolwork before too)

On a good day I work out. 😂 

Does this mean that all my days are bad days?

DAY 3 – Something that makes you happy

I’m going to be super cliche here and say that blogging makes me happy! I love blogging and all of you guys ❤ You always post the sweetest comments and make my day! Thank you 🙂

 Also I’m totally going to stop before I get all emotional. Just in case you were worried 😂

DAY 4 – What you Wore, in Detail

I needed a warning that I would have to share this when I got dressed this morning! 😂

Today I’m wearing…

Image result for grey shirt with lace

A shirt similar to this one (^^^) except with less lace on the top and simpler sleeves.

Image result for jean bermuda shorts

Shorts similar to these (except… different).

And no jewelry because I have a two year old sister 😜

DAY 5 – Home

This prompt confused me a little bit, but my home is anywhere the people I love are! I’ve lived in lots of different places but I could live anywhere with my family ❤ Soo cliche I know but it’s true!

DAY 6 – Three Ways to Win your Heart

lol this is going to be… interesting.

  1. Be a Christian//Have a good relationship with Christ

This is so important and a lot of people in our generation don’t- or they say that they are Christians but they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ. If I was in a relationship, it would need to be with someone who had a good relationship with the Lord.

2. Have a purpose in life

This may sound silly, but a lot of guys I see don’t really have a purpose in life. They want to get through today and just repeat it again tomorrow, and endlessly for the rest of their life. Having goals and a higher purpose in life is really important.

3. Be courteous

Again, this may sound silly but being courteous, polite, and respectful is such a lost idea in our generation. I think it’s really important!

DAY 7 –


I hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun with these 🙂