heyoo friends! soo valentine’s day was yesterday and I just wanted to remind all of you that you are so loved. i hope you enjoy these quotes and have a great day <33 let me know what you think in the comments below.


quotes for your monday: His love 💛

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera! today I’m sharing another installment of quotes for your monday 🙂 all pictures are from pinterest as usual and today I’m talking about God’s unfailing love. I think this is a great reminder for us all today 💛

God chooses to love us all the time no matter what which is so crazy and amazing!

today, no matter what you’re going through, no matter how alone and unloved you feel, remember that He has loved you with an everlasting love.

his love and grace will never run out or fail you, even when other’s love/grace does.

his mercy is new each and every morning. every day is a new chance to start over.

he loves you even when you choose something temporary over him.

let his love calm you today and his grace wash over you.

save any of these pictures as your wallpaper for your phone to be a reminder for you every time you look at it.

remember, you are loved.

have a lovely day and week, frens! feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment below if you have any questions 💛👇👇s

quotes for your monday: change and growth

hey guys! today I’m sharing some motivational (and pretty) quotes for your monday that I found on pinterest. I love these kind of posts personally so I decided to do one for you guys 💛 I think I’m actually going to be starting a series of these every couple mondays with pretty and encouraging quotes 🙂

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Desk Tour

post featured image touring my desk

post featured image (1)

This is the first post in a mini-series about my desk! The next post will be on Monday 🙂 Today, I’m going to be giving you all a tour of my desk! This was requested when I asked for post ideas- if you have any more, please let me know on this post.



An overview of my desk

Note: the table to the left (which you can just barely see in the picture, oops!) is part of my desk too, but it doesn’t have anything on it and it’s really just a place to spread out when doing homework or taking notes.


Closer shot of my desk 🙂


This is the wall above my whiteboard- I generally keep encouraging quotes, calendars, and tools up here. (I also just realized that I still have my January calendar up- I cropped some of it out of the photo but it’s up there. oops!


My current Verso de Memoria (Memory Verse) for Spanish class: Proverbios 3:1-8 (Proverbs)


An adorable bible verse that a lady in our church made my mom- you bet I snatched it right up! (Actually my mom gave it to me, don’t worry)


I honestly don’t need this anymore, but it’s a chart to remember the regular verb conjugations in Spanish. I made it toward the beginning of the school year when I was having a lot of trouble with them..


Wow this is… not so cute? I made this a while ago, maybe I’ll make a new one to put up there.


Now we’re onto the whiteboard! I copied this art (can you tell I’m not an artist at all?) from something I found that I liked. Great verse, but I didn’t do it very well 😦


I’m trying to earn ~300 dollars for a Christian camp I want to go to this summer, and this is a super simple tracker I made for it 🙂


I’m tracking the amount of practice time for piano in February, so I just printed out a cute calendar 🙂


My handy dandy expo markers (which are totally crooked, oops)


My little… storage tray? I normally keep books on it. Right now I have a notepad, birthday card (actually my birthday was not recent, I have no idea why that’s there…) The Scarlet Pimpernel, and a math book I got from the library.


My planner!


An ugly shot of my computer. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess.


My random little storage thingys. The pencil pouch holds my brush pens, pens, pencils, and highlighters.


The cute but falling apart folder holder my brothers made me. It holds all my school folders and stuff, haha.


My random box of papers + craft supplies… it’s a mess but organized if that makes sense? I’ve had the box/drawer since age 5 which explains the stickers on the front… lol.


This is the top drawer of that cube thingy. I put my bigger binders + books I’m reading for school in here.


Currently reading for school:

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis (actually we just finished this, on to The Silver Chair)

The History of the Kings of Britian by Geoffrey

Richard lll by Shakespeare (we just finished this one too, Ephesians from the Bible next)


And this horribly blurry picture of my dictionary 🙂


My Spanish and Science binders


Below the drawer in the cube is where I put my textbooks/manuals.


And ending with this awful self-timer picture of me writing in my planner 🙂



Thanks for reading 🙂 Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day! Did you all read the story behind it in school? We did, every single class and then later at dinner, hahaha.



To the woman that’s had an abortion

To the woman that's had an abortion

Dear mother,

I call you a mother because you are. You might be shocked. You’re the CEO of a company. You have a life. You are certainly NOT a mother. But, friend, you are. You were a mother, even if only for a few months or even weeks. So you are a mother. I believe that babies who can’t make a choice for themselves go to heaven. Not because they have not done wrong, but because they could not choose Jesus as their savior.  You might wish you didn’t make that choice. It all happened so fast. Maybe you were a teen. The thought of being a ‘teen mom’ was sickening, to say the least. You worried about acceptance. You were already not popular, so what would this do your social life? Would anyone ever accept you again? The pressure of those around you to have an abortion was so strong. It was quick and easy. Or so you thought. But here you are, still thinking about it. Still thinking about that little life inside of you. That you’ll never see again. That thought is truly sickening. Then again, you might be glad. “I succeeded because I don’t have children.” Is your thought. You might even be glad that you won’t ever know your baby.

But I’m not here to talk about the wrong that you did. I’m here to talk about my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. He loves you. That will never change. He will never leave you.

 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

-Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

Do you trust in him? My friend, if you don’t, His arms are open wide. He will welcome you with joy and gladness. He loves you. And that’s what I want you to know.

It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it. All you need to do is trust that Jesus died and rose again for YOU. Ask him to come into your heart and save you.

And, dear mother,

I’m praying for you.