Camp Nano Update: Week Four (it’s over?!)

week one camp nano update

DiD i MaKe MY GoaL❓

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Camp Nano Update: Week One

week one camp nano update

So far, Camp is going great! Today I’m going to be sharing a recap/update of the first week! Are you doing Camp Nano this month?

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day one (monday, july 1) – I ended up writing a total of 3215 words today. It was a GREAT start to camp and I had a lot of fun. Most of the scenes I was working on just came really easily so I’m really glad for that. I didn’t have anything huge scheduled today (a few small things, but that’s it) so I had some time to write.

I didn’t write all at once (now that would be hard – I would get soo bored/tired), but in small chunks. Around noon I wrote 1.5K and before 9am I think I wrote a little less than 1K. In the evening/afternoon I wrote some more and I really enjoyed it!

s u m m a r y:

words: 3215

chapters: Finished chapters three and four and started chapter five

day two (tuesday, july 2) – Today was good – I didn’t write quite as much as yesterday, but I did get my goal done. I had a lot of fun with what I was writing, and I *maybe* changed the name of the book again?? MAYBE.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1422 (total: 4637)

chapters: Finished chapter five

day three (wednesday, july 3) – I started off the day with a tiny bit of “writer’s block” but got past that okay. Today was a little bit busy, but not super bad, so I managed to fit in some writing.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1024 (total: 5661)

chapters: Started chapter six

day four (thursday, july 4) – Today was the fourth of July  – 💙❤💙 🇺🇸 – and we ended up having a pretty busy day! I didn’t really expect to get in 1K… and I didn’t! I’m honestly glad that I didn’t make myself get in a ton of writing because I had a great time with my family ❤ Plus I got pretty stuck… so we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

s u m m a r y:

words: 531 (total: 6192)

chapters: worked on chapter six 

week summary

s u m m a r y:

words: 6,192

remaining: 13,808

chapters: finished chapter three – started chapter six

when I decided to post this on Friday, I didn’t think about actually writing on Friday! Whoops! Anyway, I haven’t written anything today yet so…

This week was great! My goal was 5K and I met/surpassed it so that’s good! I am going to be really busy until Tuesday so I might not write as much next week.

❤ bye,




Introducing my July Camp NaNo project

camp nano (july 2019).png

I am SOO excited for Camp Nano this month!! I think (actually, I know) that I’m a lot better prepared this time (compared to April) and it’s going to be so much fun.

I finally came up with a name (I think) for my “untitled novel”  – it’s “Legacy”. I like it, but knowing me, I may end up changing it 😛 But for now, it’s Legacy!

In April, my goal was 5K words… this time it’s 20. Every day that I write, I want to write at least 1K, but we’ll see. Oh – and I did make a couple mock covers – I’m going to share my favorites today.

This one might be my favorite – the background picture is rather grainy (it’s from unsplash) but I still like it!
I love… and hate this one? It’s perfect but at the same time it’s not lol
This one is super simple which is part of its beauty but I’m not so sure xD

Also – here’s the inspiration board again in case you forgot 🙂

Novel Inspo Board (1)

Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update every week on how writing is going!

camp is going to be awesome!!! are you doing it this month?

❤ bye,