13 challenges to get your life together before the new year

there are only 13 days left in 2021… which is crazy. if you’re anything like me, you really want to get your life together & get organized before the new year.

i’m challenging all of you guys to complete one of these little challenges every single day (starting tomorrow) before 2022. i’ll be doing it along with you guys and posting updates on my instagram (if you don’t already follow my instagram, make sure you go do that! i post lots of little life updates & mini blog posts as well as products and things i love).

bonus: i also made a couple freebies to help you guys with this challenge!! i made a checklist for each of the items that you can print off and check off each item on your own. last year i made a list of journal prompts to reflect on 2020 & set goals for 2021 and i also updated those prompts for this year. both freebies will be at the end of the post ❀

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Self care can seem overwhelming and hard to incorporate into our busy daily routines, but that’s not true. In this post, I’ll share several simple ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine that aren’t hard or complicated and don’t require extra time and money.

I’ve been part of a blogging group called the blogger squad for about a month now with some amazing blogger friends! We decided to do a collab with a focus on self care. I’ll link all their blogs so you can go read their posts as well :))


glow up weekly 01: creating a workout routine

hey frens! who is excited for the first glow up weekly? I know I sure am!! today we’re going to be chatting about creating a workout routine (and there’s a free printable, woo)

if you’ve worked out before, or even if you haven’t, I’m positive you’ve heard of a workout routine! it’s super simple, but basically it’s just a routine (that can change to fit your life, of course) that you repeat for consistent workouts! having a plan is really motivating, at least for me, and it makes working out so much more managable.

so here’s how to make your own!

first, pick activities to put on it! this can be anything you’d like. I recommend picking some things you love (like volleyball or swimming) and some that might not be your favorite but you know are super good for you, like running or pilates. try some new things and figure out what works for you and is something you’d like to put on your plan.

next, check the calendar. look at your local gym or yoga studio for classes you might be interested in and see if there’s room on your calendar. also, think about your habits. do you always hang with friends on saturday mornings? are you always really tired and unmotivated on thursday afternoons? pick days you know you’ll feel motivated and ready to work! I’d suggest starting out with putting three days a week on your plan because that’s manageable and easy to fit in.

now, put it all together and write it down! there’s actually a spot on the printable for that, so print that out and write out your weekly workout schedule. step back and tweak things about it to make it perfect for you. once you like it, put it on your calendar or hang the printable in your room so you won’t forget.

finally, put it into action! you can always make changes if there’s a schedule change or you piled too much on your plate. this is the most important step, so don’t procrastinate! stick to your workout plan and just go for it, girl! I promise you will not regret it (:

today’s freebie:

in my opinion, today’s freebie is super cute (I might be a bit biased though πŸ˜‰ )

save this to your device and print it out!

I also included a pdf version if you’d like to use that one instead! just click the download button and print for easy use.

do you have a workout routine? what does it look like? are you joining us for the glow up challenge? chat with me below πŸ’›