glow up weekly 03: get organized

hey frens! today is the third post in the series glow up weekly where I share different ways to glow up and live your best life! today we’re going to be talking about getting organized πŸ™‚

our lives can get super crazy so it’s good to sit down and plan/get organized. for me as a very type a person this is really fun but even if you don’t enjoy it I’m sure you agree it’s essential!

first, I’d recommend really taking a look at everything you have to get done. grab a journal or a piece of paper (better yet, use the free printables featured later in the post!) and write down all your commitments (like to a sports team or a job) and priorities (what’s important to you?). next, write down your goals for the future. these don’t have to be fancy, but where do you see yourself in one year (or five, or ten!)? how can you work towards that lifestyle right now? finally, write down all the boring but important things that make up your day (like school, working out, math homework, and your morning routine). once you’re done, congrats! this is the bones of your schedule!

the next thing I would recommend doing is writing out your ideal day. separate your day into sections (like morning, afternoon, and evening) and fill in what you’d ideally get done in each section. for example, maybe you have sports practice in the afternoon but you’d also ideally finish your homework before dinner. in the morning, maybe you’d like to go on a run or read a book. before you go to bed, you’d love to work on your blog and take pictures for social media, or maybe wind down with some self care. include all the things you wrote down before (your priorities, commitments, and the boring stuff). you don’t actually have to use this as a template for every day, but it helps to know what your ideal day would look like!

finally, you’ll need to look at the calendar and plan your week! while the other things are something you’ll only need to do once, planning your week is something really helpful that I would personally recommend doing every single week! this is super simple, but just write down everything you have planned/you need to get done every day!


of course there’s also a pdf download (one pdf for all three pages you can download if you’d prefer!)

this is such a broad topic so it was hard to narrow it down to something! I hope this helps you! let me know how you stay organized in the comments πŸ™‚


glow up weekly 02: eat healthy

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera and the second installment of “glow up weekly”. I’m so excited to share this week’s challenge with you guys, it’s something simple but I think it will be quite helpful! πŸ’›

if you’re new, read this post: your guide to a glow up {introduction}

today we’re going to be chatting about eating healthy which is something I think most of us (at least I do!) want to implement in our lives but aren’t exactly sure how.

I’m doing to talk about some myths about eating healthy, share some practical tips, and there will be a freebie at the end so you can plan out some healthy meals for yourself!

first off, I wanted to explain some myths about healthy eating that I’ve seen that have confused me. healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing, so I wanted to clear some things up πŸ™‚

  1. i only need to eat healthy if I want to lose weight – yeah no! the main reason to eat healthy and clean is to treat your body well, it does so much for us so we should at least put clean and good things into it! if you actually need to lose weight (talk to your doctor about it, I’m not a medical professional lol) than this can be something that could help BUT making good choices about what you eat is wayyy better for you than not eating/starving yourself. just a little reminder πŸ’›πŸ˜‚
  2. eating “healthy” means I don’t get to eat my favorite foods/it is limiting and restricting – also no! honestly you can eat whatever you want as long as you do it in moderation and it doesn’t make you feel gross/sick!
  3. eating healthy is just a set of rules/diet plan – it’s not, actually! there’s no guidelines or rules, the main thing is just thinking about the things you eat. YOU get to make it whatever you want and feel is right for your body and situation. there are no rules or restrictions at all πŸ™‚

next, I wanted to share some practical tips for eating healthier in your everyday life! there are lots, so feel free to share some of your own in the comments πŸ’›

  • a lot of the time when I’m bored I want to snack even though I’m not hungry! drink some water and wait a few minutes before eating if you’re not sure you’re hungry, a lot of the time that is just all you needed.
  • eat breakfast! I see so many people who don’t and honestly this is not going to help you. eat something that will energize you (check out my post breakfast ideas (yummy, healthy, and simple))
  • drink more water. this is soo helpful and it fills you up so you won’t eat when you’re not actually hungry! if you struggle with drinking enough water here’s another blog post I wrote about that lol: how to drink more water (tips + reasons why) πŸŒΏ
  • lots of fresh fruits and veggies. in my opinion fresh fruits and veggies are soo good, if you don’t really like them try some new ones and you just may find something you really like. make sure you’re (especially with fruits) buying ones in the right season so they’re at their prime. this is such a healthy snack!
  • try to limit soda and sugar. this can be hard, but limiting your soda will make you feel so much better! limiting sugar is even harder, but fresh fruits and vegetables that only have natural sugars is a great substitute for sugary snacks.
  • try new recipes! pinterest is a great place to find lots of easy and healthy ideas, all it takes is a quick search. fill your meals with variety and you will enjoy them so much more in my opinion.

my pinterest board for food ^^^

now for the free printable! for this week i decided to create a meal planner for the week, it’s super simple and you can write down any meal ideas you have! I actually made two different ones, one has the actual day of the week on it so you can plan that way and the other one is just for ideas for different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks). I kept them with the same theme/design as last weeks to keep everything cohesive and fun πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy!

and of course I made them downloadable as pdfs too πŸ˜‰

are you enjoying this series? do you like the freebies? how do you eat healthy in your own life? fav meal ideas? share it all below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

glow up weekly 01: creating a workout routine

hey frens! who is excited for the first glow up weekly? I know I sure am!! today we’re going to be chatting about creating a workout routine (and there’s a free printable, woo)

if you’ve worked out before, or even if you haven’t, I’m positive you’ve heard of a workout routine! it’s super simple, but basically it’s just a routine (that can change to fit your life, of course) that you repeat for consistent workouts! having a plan is really motivating, at least for me, and it makes working out so much more managable.

so here’s how to make your own!

first, pick activities to put on it! this can be anything you’d like. I recommend picking some things you love (like volleyball or swimming) and some that might not be your favorite but you know are super good for you, like running or pilates. try some new things and figure out what works for you and is something you’d like to put on your plan.

next, check the calendar. look at your local gym or yoga studio for classes you might be interested in and see if there’s room on your calendar. also, think about your habits. do you always hang with friends on saturday mornings? are you always really tired and unmotivated on thursday afternoons? pick days you know you’ll feel motivated and ready to work! I’d suggest starting out with putting three days a week on your plan because that’s manageable and easy to fit in.

now, put it all together and write it down! there’s actually a spot on the printable for that, so print that out and write out your weekly workout schedule. step back and tweak things about it to make it perfect for you. once you like it, put it on your calendar or hang the printable in your room so you won’t forget.

finally, put it into action! you can always make changes if there’s a schedule change or you piled too much on your plate. this is the most important step, so don’t procrastinate! stick to your workout plan and just go for it, girl! I promise you will not regret it (:

today’s freebie:

in my opinion, today’s freebie is super cute (I might be a bit biased though πŸ˜‰ )

save this to your device and print it out!

I also included a pdf version if you’d like to use that one instead! just click the download button and print for easy use.

do you have a workout routine? what does it look like? are you joining us for the glow up challenge? chat with me below πŸ’›

your guide to a glow up {introduction}

hello frens πŸ™‚ hope you’re having a great day so far!

today I’m kicking off a new series called “glow up weekly” where i share a different way to glow up each week. I am so excited for this series and I think you guys will love it πŸ’›

I’ve seen my share of glow up checklists on pinterest (and I’m sure you have too) but what does a glow up actually mean? after looking deeper, I realized that “glowing up” can really be whatever you want. it basically just means becoming a better person, and you can achieve that in so many different ways! you can do what’s best for your body by eating clean and healthy or take a self care day to relax and rejuvenate.

glow up: a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better

to kick off this series, I’m sharing a long list of different things you can do to glow up. each week I’ll go through the list and go into detail on each step, sharing tips and life hacks to glow up!

also: there will be a freebie included in each post where I make the tips for that day into a printable format! you don’t have to subscribe to any lists or follow anything (though I would appreciate it if you followed my blog!) to get these freebies.

you can download this picture for free πŸ™‚ just right click on it and click save!

today I’ll be sharing a printable checklist for your glow up and a list of all the steps we’ll be including πŸ’›

just a note: girl, you are beautiful just as you are! don’t start your “glow up” with a negative mindset or thinking you need to do this to be pretty/for people to like you. do this for you, girl. a glow up doesn’t just mean trying a new makeup look – it’s a journey to a healthy, positive, and confident lifestyle.

also, feel free to skip any of the steps on the checklist or mark them off if you already have accomplished them. for example, if you already have an exercise routine, you can check that one off (just make sure you’re actually doing it, heehe). this is for you, so use it however you’d like.

here’s each of the steps this series will include:

  • create an exercise routine
  • eat healthy
  • plan your life/get organized
  • have a self care day
  • drink more water
  • declutter/organize your space
  • be confident in who you are
  • journal
  • get more sleep
  • stick to a skincare routine
  • curate your playlists
  • unfollow negative social media accounts
  • have a positive outlook on life
  • take care of your hair

today’s freebie:

today I’m sharing a (super cute, but I might be a bit biased) checklist that you can print off and hang up in your room during this series. there’s also a little notes section where you can add in your own items, journal about your progress, make a shopping list, notes as you read through each post, and really whatever floats your boat! I will be using this checklist throughout the challenge as well and think it will be really helpful πŸ˜‰

save to your device and print this out!

I also made the checklist downloadable as a pdf file if you’d like to print it that way!

if you skimmed this post: we’re starting a glow up challenge! every week we’ll focus on something different (posts will be coming out every wednesday) and we can check off each box together!

I’m also thinking about going live once or twice during this challenge over on instagram (@christinaandcamera) to chat with you guys, answer questions, etc. let me know if you would join that πŸ˜‰

are you excited for this series? I am so pumped to see how it goes and glow up with you guys πŸ’›

comment below if you’re doing this challenge! πŸ’›