Quick update

Hi everyone!

I am on a sort of vacation right now, so here are some updates!

My grandfather had a collapsed lung, so me, my mom, and sister came up to visit them and help them out. Please pray for them! He is an elder at his church and a devout Christian. We’re so thankful to all the people at our church who took care of my brothers throughout the week. Thanks, guys!

I don’t know how much longer I will be up here, but I’m still with them. My mom and sister had to head back home, though.

They are avid photographers, so I’m using their cameras to take photos every day. I will try to post a sort of trip diary for the times that I am there (I have some awesome pictures already!)


Just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on. I am not going to be sending out the mailing list while I am gone, so sorry!


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I’m launching an email list??

Email List Post Graphic

Hello everyone! Today, I have a surprise that’s not really a surprise if you read the title.

I’m launching an email list!

I finally decided to launch an email list. Yay! Here’s what you will see if you sign up.

Mondays: Weekly Newsletter

This email will contain:

  • Books I’ve been reading + Book Spotlight
  • Posts coming up
  • Goals for this week
  • Spotlight: (Music, Product, etc…)

Fridays: Post Update

This email will contain:

  • Sneak peek of the post + notifies you that new post is up.
  • Behind the scenes of the post that just went up

If you’re interested in the content I will be providing, please sign up for my email list here.

I will be sending the first email on Monday at 1:00 PM EST, so please sign up by then if you would like to see that post. I will also be putting the newsletter every week in the sidebar for easy access.