award/tag compilation

hey guys! hope you’re having a great wednesday 💛 today I’m sharing an  award  I’ve gotten a couple times recently! please do it and send me a link in the comments! Continue reading “award/tag compilation”

current music favs (ft. my playlist) (also ft. disneyyy)

originally this post was going to be about christian music (lemme know if you’d be interested in that – it could be my next music post) but then I started listening to disney music and ahhhhhhhh why did I ever listen to anything else (k I’m kinda kidding bc I still love tons of other music) 😂❤

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my top 4 places to visit (ft. my dream vacations)

sorry for the super short post!! It’s been a busy week for me and also I will respond to your comments/put up new blog buttons ASAP ❤ love you guys!!

today I’m going to be sharing my top 4 places to visit (aka some of my dream vacations). picking them was really hard because oh my goodness I love way too many places 😂

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