quotes for your monday: joy in hard seasons

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera 💛 this week’s quotes for your monday is going to be all about joy and happiness! finding joy can be hard especially in hard times but when you find a small reason to be happy it really helps your mindset/attitude!

joy: gladness not based on circumstance

I think this is so important because if you depend on good circumstances to be happy you’ll never really be happy. there will always be something you don’t have and if you’re constantly thinking about that you will never be able to be content!

joy is always a learning process!
don’t worry, your life is full of seasons. there are times where it’s easy to laugh and dance and times where it’s easier to cry. that’s okay. make the most of where you’re at right now.
praising God in the middle of pain is a choice you have to make. you’ll feel so much better when you do.
God has a plan for your life that’s bigger than what you could ever imagine, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
the grass is always greener on the other side, but God has a plan for your life that’s unique and different than everyone else’s!

what’s your favorite quote I shared today? how are you choosing to be joyful even in the middle of pain?


3 steps to a better day


We’ve all had those days… where you’re tired and unable to get anything done. On those days, I often end up reading a trashy book while eating lots of junk food… definitely not a good idea! It’s not healthy and it doesn’t help at all!

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But what else can you do?

It feels like there’s no other option, but that’s not true. I’ve figured out several tips to share with you that will change your day from bad to good!

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12 days of christmas: a holiday bucket list

hey guys!! today I’m going to be sharing a holiday bucket list with 12 different ideas/a list of boredom busters for the christmas season. you could do these over 12 days or really however you want to – mix it up, add your own ideas, skip a day – there’s only one rule – have fun! let’s get started!! ❤

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