Camp Nano Update: Week Four (it’s over?!)

week one camp nano update

DiD i MaKe MY GoaL❓

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Camp Nano Update: Week One

week one camp nano update

So far, Camp is going great! Today I’m going to be sharing a recap/update of the first week! Are you doing Camp Nano this month?

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day one (monday, july 1) – I ended up writing a total of 3215 words today. It was a GREAT start to camp and I had a lot of fun. Most of the scenes I was working on just came really easily so I’m really glad for that. I didn’t have anything huge scheduled today (a few small things, but that’s it) so I had some time to write.

I didn’t write all at once (now that would be hard – I would get soo bored/tired), but in small chunks. Around noon I wrote 1.5K and before 9am I think I wrote a little less than 1K. In the evening/afternoon I wrote some more and I really enjoyed it!

s u m m a r y:

words: 3215

chapters: Finished chapters three and four and started chapter five

day two (tuesday, july 2) – Today was good – I didn’t write quite as much as yesterday, but I did get my goal done. I had a lot of fun with what I was writing, and I *maybe* changed the name of the book again?? MAYBE.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1422 (total: 4637)

chapters: Finished chapter five

day three (wednesday, july 3) – I started off the day with a tiny bit of “writer’s block” but got past that okay. Today was a little bit busy, but not super bad, so I managed to fit in some writing.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1024 (total: 5661)

chapters: Started chapter six

day four (thursday, july 4) – Today was the fourth of July  – 💙❤💙 🇺🇸 – and we ended up having a pretty busy day! I didn’t really expect to get in 1K… and I didn’t! I’m honestly glad that I didn’t make myself get in a ton of writing because I had a great time with my family ❤ Plus I got pretty stuck… so we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

s u m m a r y:

words: 531 (total: 6192)

chapters: worked on chapter six 

week summary

s u m m a r y:

words: 6,192

remaining: 13,808

chapters: finished chapter three – started chapter six

when I decided to post this on Friday, I didn’t think about actually writing on Friday! Whoops! Anyway, I haven’t written anything today yet so…

This week was great! My goal was 5K and I met/surpassed it so that’s good! I am going to be really busy until Tuesday so I might not write as much next week.

❤ bye,