the camera challenge winners

I cannot believe that the camera challenge is over??!! 

and that it’s November already – so exciting! the weather is even getting cooler (well, just a tiny bit) which is awesome. I also have some great news regarding miss baby sister that I can’t wait to share. so… November is going to be a  g r e a t  month ❤

anyway – I know you guys are anxious to find out who won the camera challenge (there were so many great pictures) and see the pictures from the last week, so without further ado…

week four pictures

some of the pictures turned out a bit cut off (oops) but I like the collage format better so I guess it works out?


who won??

as you might have guessed from looking at the points,

Cailyn won first place with a grand total of 116 points

Faye Rose won second place with a grand total of 103 points


Megan won third place with a grand total of 51 points!

congrats, ladies!!

cailyn – your gift card and winner’s badge will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours

Faye Rose and Megan – your winner’s badges will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours 🙂

and all other participants – here’s your badge 🙂

everyone winner.jpg


Calico Critters photoshoot

Hi  guys! I have been wanting to share some photography, and I recently took some Calico Critter photo shoots, so I thought you might like them.

My younger brothers C and J (first initials) love playing with Calico Critters with me, and they always are begging me to let them take pictures, so we did this on Saturday. There are quite a few behind the scenes pictures as well, so I hope you enjoy!



This Scene was apparently ‘busy mama’. I can see why. Mama critter is cooking up a storm and taking care of her littles! The pictures are so cute. I do have a couple that aren’t great, but they kinda show that process, so I included them too.

I ended up doing these in the ‘super vivid’ function. They turned out really bright and colorful, which kind of fit the theme. So sorry if your eyes hurt though, haha. I’m not really sure if I like it, but the inside pictures turned out pretty good.


IMG_0365Setting up!

IMG_0366IMG_0367IMG_0368IMG_0369IMG_0370Honestly though, if this is what they would have looked like, I like the super vivid look.


For these photos, I grabbed a calico critter crib, turned it upside down, and set the camera on top of it. I love how it makes the photos come out on the babies’ level. Do you guys like it that way?




These were taken the next day (Saturday) with J. They’re so cute. I took one house and he took the other, and we both set them up and then took pictures. This one is my house, and the other house is his. I took all the pictures, though.

IMG_0412IMG_0414IMG_0415IMG_0416IMG_0417IMG_0419IMG_0420IMG_0421This picture is so cute!


My brothers thought these were so funny!IMG_0434IMG_0435IMG_0436IMG_0437IMG_0438IMG_0439

What a mess! I wasn’t hoping for this, but when you have a 7 year old brother helping you,  these things happen, amiright? A lot of times peaceful Calico Critter playing turns into “Hurricane/Tornado/Tsunami/unheard of disaster attacks Calico Critters and results in them all getting killed.” Haha, but all joking aside, my brothers are actually super sweet.



J made this scene, and it’s super cute!




These are super awesome! C joined us for some of these, haha.


So sorry for the amount of pictures, haha. According to wordpress, I uploaded more than 150… wow!!