Shared Room Inspiration Board

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In case you didn’t know, I’m the oldest of four (actually, almost five) siblings. My mom is expecting a baby girl this fall, and we’re all really excited! 

Because “baby sister” (as we’re calling her right now – we haven’t picked a name yet) will be sharing a room with me and Emily (who is two), we’re going to need to figure out how to fit another bed+ more storage into our room. Here are some of my ideas!

Bunk Bed w/ Trundle

We’ll probably need to get a bunk bed anyway, but a trundle would be cute + a future bed for “baby sister” if necessary. The ones with drawers are adorable too! Another thing I love is that you can separate them into two beds, which would be great someday 🙂

Storage Cubes

I’m thinking about getting some of these for the closet (right now the closet is pretty crazy) and adding some cute baskets. Image result for boho color scheme


I love these colors because they’re bright and fun, but I might add some light pinks as well.

Image result for cactus sheets


Cacti (that word is SO weird)  are so cute and I’d love to incorporate them somehow… maybe sheets like in the picture above? I’m not sure!


Do you share a room with a sibling (or two!)? Do you have any ideas for me?


Back from Summer Break + PHOTOS

Back From SUmmer Break.jpg

Hi guys! Today, I’m officially back from summer break. I’m so excited to be consistently blogging again, but I enjoyed taking a short break as well.


Summer Photos:


SMORES!! It was SO hard to get a good picture of these. I had around 20 that I deleted, and even this one isn’t great.


My sleepy sister- XD!


She loves the little tie- so sweet.


She decided to pose for me 🙂


Now she fell asleep on me…


My crazy brother posing for me- he’s so silly!


Comment below if you know what book this is!




I tried to get some good pictures of our Jamaican cherry tree.




I don’t know why I like this picture, but I do.


❤ B U L L E T   J O U R N A L   P I C S ❤




This post was shorter then normal but hopefully short and sweet.