helloooo and happy monday friends! today I’m sharing the first playlist post in quite a while so I’m really excited. i love making & sharing playlists and this one is one my current favorites. it’s not too long or too short and all the songs in it are chill but amazing. to be honest i’m quite proud of it! let me know what you think in the comments below <33


encouraging christian playlist

I know these are some crazy times and if you’re like me you get super anxious sometimes so I decided to make my April playlist full of encouraging songs about God being in control!

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march playlist (ft. random songs that make me happy)

I just realized that this is scheduled for the first of april! ahh just forget about that and enjoy the playlist for march β€β€πŸ˜‚

hey guys! I’ve actually had this playlist for a month or two but I decided to share it this month because I haven’t shared one yet. so, without further ado… my march playlist (which is titled random and I think that describes it perfectly!

it’s actually really short and is about 30 minutes long but it’s still one of my favorites πŸ˜‚

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february playlist (ft. christian music)

hey guys! today I’m going to be sharing my current playlist for february featuring christian music πŸ™‚

also: i recently redesigned my blog (I love it!!) and would love it if you would pop over to the actual site if you’re on the reader ❀ I loved my old design by mukta but I thought it was time for a changeΒ 

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current music favs (ft. my playlist) (also ft. disneyyy)

originally this post was going to be about christian music (lemme know if you’d be interested in that – it could be my next music post) but then I started listening to disney music and ahhhhhhhh why did I ever listen to anything else (k I’m kinda kidding bc I still love tons of other music) πŸ˜‚β€

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