Today is actually one of the last fall themed posts this seasons 😦 It’s been so fun! Let me know in the comments below your favorite post on my blog from these couple months!! Today we’re doing something super fun – I’m collabing with Libby May from Geoturtle! I’m going to be sharing some of her favorite fall songs, and she’s sharing mine over on her blog. If you need playlist inspo, this is the post for you ❤



I love mixing up my makeup looks during different seasons! I like to bring in shades of brown, orange, and blush pink because I feel like those totally capture the ✨ fall vibes ✨ but still keep the overall look simple and natural. If you’re also looking to mix up your makeup for the fall season, then this post is for you!



Since fall is fully underway, it’s time for some fall outfit ideas! I’m super excited for this post because I found exact links for almost all the items and included links to similar products for the items I couldn’t find. Happy shopping!! 🙂

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I adore it when the weather cools down and we can change out of our bathing suits and shorts into sweaters and boots. This is the perfect time of year to do some baking or cooking and curl up with a cozy blanket, a good book, some soft music playing, and a delicious candle lit (the vibes are ✨immaculate✨) .

To help you achieve that cozy fall day, today I’m going to be sharing four simple and delicious recipes that you can make this weekend! there will probably be pumpkin involved in a couple because this girl loves her some pumpkin lol. as always leave your comments below and let’s get on with the post!!



sorry this post is a little later than normal! I had a really busy week at school because the end of the first quarter is coming up and my birthday was on monday! I’m super excited for this post though because FALL IS HERE. Here in Florida the weather has been a lot cooler even though it’s still pretty hot compared to other parts of the world.

In this post I’ll be sharing some fun aesthetics for fall and the month of october! Save your favorite to set as the wallpaper for your phone, and tell me your goals/bucket list for this month and season in the comments below 🙂


fall aesthetics//bucket list

fall asthetics (1).png

if you’re new here, you might not know that fall is my favorite. season. ever. (so basic I know but still. I LOVE FALL) so get ready for LOTS of fall-obsessed posts.

also I needed (well, not really but I do it anyway) to do the obligatory apology (you know, sorry for not posting, yada yada) but this counts right? I think so.

anyway, today I’m going to be sharing some fun fall aesthetics (I love making them even though they’re not that great so bear with me guys) that you can also use to make your fall bucket list (I might share mine if I make one!)

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my september goals

September Goals.png

hey guys what’s up (the ceiling ofc)? time for the obligatory apology/explanation about how I’ve just been way to busy to post but IMMA DO BETTER and yeah.

but I’m definitely going to take advantage of our TWO (!!) days off because of Dorian and hopefully schedule lots of posts. fingers crossed 🤞

anyway it’s time for the monthly goals post yay! I’m not going to review August because I’m 99% sure I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. oops.

this month I’ll do better (LIES)

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! When you read this, I’ll be on the home stretch- the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Yay!


Idea 1: T-Shirt and jeans

This is SO comfy and also really casual. A thanksgiving t-shirt would be super cute!

Belle Lily has a ton of cute thanksgiving themed shirts on their site. They’re really inexpensive and they also have a Black Friday coupon code right now, so definitely check that out. Here are some of my favorites:


How cute would any of those be with jean and ankle booties? It’s super effortless too! They also have a ton of long sleeved options for all of you lucky ones who actually have a temperature change during the fall season.

Idea 2: Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are GENIUS! They’re a great choice for thanksgiving too.

what to wear to thanksgiving dinner 

This sweater dress (picture credit) is a great idea! It mixes sweaters and dresses so well. This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to wear jeans.

Image result for sweater dress long

This sweater dress outfit (picture credit) is also super cute. It’s simple and effortless but it looks adorable.

Idea 3: Coordinate!

This awesome compilation is perfect for families. There are lots of color schemes, and they’re so cute! Coordinating with your family is SO adorable. Plus, you can use all of these ideas for your own personal outfit too!


I hope you enjoyed this short (but hopefully sweet) post! I’m off to go make yummy goodies for thanksgiving!




My favorite Fall looks// Fall aesthetics


Now that it’s finally 70 degrees in Florida (yes, that is cool for us Floridians, but I can’t wait for cooler weather!) I’m proclaiming it fall. lol When fall officially started, it was still 90 degrees, so that doesn’t count, right? Today I wanted to share some cute, modest fall outfits. I credited all my pictures with links to where I found them!



Related image

I love this look! It’s so fun and cute, I would totally wear this. Plus it’s very easy to recreate. I probably wouldn’t go with the ripped jeans, though.

Related image

Very adorable! I love the scarf and the boots 🙂

Image result for modest fall outfits

I love the layering! This look is so cute, and the cardigan is adorable.

Related image

I like the dress (that print is so pretty!!) and the scarf looks comfy.

Related image

This works for the fall that Florida gets, haha, but you could add a cardigan (turquoise would be fun, it would match that adorable statement necklace!) if you get a cooler fall.

Related image


So cute! I am not really a fan of ripped jeans, but the purse is #goals and I love how the Starbucks drink is an accessory (plus it’s an excuse to get #Starbucks so that you can have the perfect outfit picture… who can pass that up?).

Related image

I love this outfit! The sweater covers the back of the jeans, which is adorable and modest.

Soo… you guys know my idea of fall style now, lol. I love riding boots and little ankle boots, jeans are awesome with long cardigans, and I love blanket scarves. Such a pity that I never get to wear them 😦


Now, I’m going to share some of my favorite fall asthetics from Unsplash. Yay!

white ceramic mug on top of brown Maple leaf inside tray

person wearing gray sock standing on stairs

winding road near mountains and forest during daytime

mug of chocolate drink on top of book beside fringed shawl

white ceramic coffee mug beside cowboy hat

Pretty sure some of these are from the same photoshoot… #whatcanisay


Anyway, thanks for reading! This was so much fun to do 🙂