Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! When you read this, I’ll be on the home stretch- the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Yay!


Idea 1: T-Shirt and jeans

This is SO comfy and also really casual. A thanksgiving t-shirt would be super cute!

Belle Lily has a ton of cute thanksgiving themed shirts on their site. They’re really inexpensive and they also have a Black Friday coupon code right now, so definitely check that out. Here are some of my favorites:


How cute would any of those be with jean and ankle booties? It’s super effortless too! They also have a ton of long sleeved options for all of you lucky ones who actually have a temperature change during the fall season.

Idea 2: Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are GENIUS! They’re a great choice for thanksgiving too.

what to wear to thanksgiving dinner 

This sweater dress (picture credit) is a great idea! It mixes sweaters and dresses so well. This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to wear jeans.

Image result for sweater dress long

This sweater dress outfit (picture credit) is also super cute. It’s simple and effortless but it looks adorable.

Idea 3: Coordinate!

This awesome compilation is perfect for families. There are lots of color schemes, and they’re so cute! Coordinating with your family is SO adorable. Plus, you can use all of these ideas for your own personal outfit too!


I hope you enjoyed this short (but hopefully sweet) post! I’m off to go make yummy goodies for thanksgiving!





A non-expert’s overview of Bible Journaling


Today I’m going to be sharing a HUGE post about bible journaling. We’ll talk about my favorite supplies, some art I’ve done, my bible, and we’ll even look at some art inspiration. Are you ready? I sure hope so!

Bible Journaling (2).jpg

To bible journal, you need a bible, so I’m going to show you guys mine.

Non-referrer link to Amazon- I bought it when it was $24 from this seller

I bought my bible in January of this year, and it’s held up beautifully! As you can see from the picture, it’s gotten rather splotchy (I have no idea how it could get dirt on it, lol) but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s also available in hot pink, but I didn’t want that. At first I planned on getting a bible cover as well but I haven’t had any need for one, so I don’t plan on getting one.

None of the pages are falling out or anything like that, and the paper is very nice. It’s not super thin like most bible’s pages, but it’s not too thick either.

I highly recommend this bible for someone who has just started bible journaling and doesn’t want to “mess up”. There are lots of simple line drawings, which are awesome and very creative (nothing I could draw, lol). Bible journaling has also really improved my hand lettering, so I’m comfy with doing lots of art, and I also put sermon notes in it.

Bible Journaling (3).jpg

Now for the fun part, XD! I’m going to show you several art example and try my best to add the supplies I used.


They’re not all very good pictures or art, but I love flipping through the pages and looking at all the pieces of art I’ve done.

Bible Journaling.jpg

Starting at top left, going clockwise

My Creative Bible $28.34

Crayola colored pencils 24 pack $9.34 (about 39 cents/pen)

Pilot G2 pens 12 pack $12.79 (about 1.07/pen)


Sakura Pigma Micron Pens 6 pack $10.93 (about 1.82/pen)

Staedtler colored pens 10 pack $14.49 (about 1.45/pen)

Washi tape $7.90 (about 20 cents/roll)


Bible Journaling (4).jpg

Image result for bible art ideas

I've been aching a little lately, for missions. I am not in a go season. But I am in a... | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

Bible Journaling by Mimi @_mimi_rn | Proverbs 31:10

Job 19:25 January 9, 2017, watercolor, bible art journaling, journaling bible, illustrated faithBible Journaling by @rileys_illustratedfaithSilly Bee's Chickadees, faith as small as a mustard seed (actual size), Matthew 17:20 #journalingBible #illustratedfaith #faithartAnother spine doodle. Another shot of the fun bibles that will list TODAY-each one has a phrase on the edge. You can pick it or I can. ------------ Hand painted Journaling Bibles are going to list in the shop TODAY at Noon CST!!! There will be an option to purchase just a bible or a bible with 10 tabs,5 scripture cards, and a sticker. These bibles have a doodle on the top side of the pages...EACH BIBLE WILL COME WITH SOME EXTRA FUN GOODIES!! set your alarms. #illustratedfaith


I hope you enjoyed! See you next week 🙂



Reveiw of Design Pique Studios+New Blog Design!

Hey guys! As you probably know, Mukta recently redesigned my blog. If you haven’t  seen it yet because you’ve been reading my posts in your reader or your email or not at all, then come see it! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Mukta took my hard to understand vision and made it into the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Let’s take a look!


What Mukta did:

  1. Picked a new theme (I love the open, clean layout)
  2. Designed an AMAZING header.
  3. Designed a blog button and post schedule.
  4. Designed headers for all the site pages and sidebar elements.

Check out the site if you haven’t already. I am in LOVE with the design *heart eyes emoji*


Review Of Design Pique Studios

Design Pique Studios is Mukta’s professional unprofessional business (you’ll see what I mean in a moment).

One thing you must know about Design Pique Studios is that it is an unprofessional business that designs professionally. Mukta’s business is free, but her designs are professional. This may make you think twice, but when you see the designs she’s done (she does book covers too), you’ll fall in love with her company.

Design Pique Studios has designed plenty of blogs and book covers, so naturally, Mukta is very busy. However, she was very kind (even when I disturbed her on vacation… twice) and always found time for our emails. We were able to get the design completed in less than two weeks.

Overall: I love Design Pique Studios and recommend it to you, whoever you are :). It’s very professional, not pricey at all, and easy to do. She makes the process so simple and easy and I really do recommend her.

Check Design Pique Studios out here!


I also have something extra special for you…

Interview with Mukta

You guys are going to love this. Definititly check  out Mukta’s blog and design website.

How long have you been blogging? (also, can you send a link to your blog in the answer?)

I’ve been blogging over at my personal blog, Born Free for four years now! (I know right, sounds like forever 😉 )


What are your goals for your blog and business?

For my blog, well, my dreams are like anyone else’s. To meet and get to know people who share my interests, and to hope that every step I take is towards improvement. As for my business, it began as an experience for my working in the design field, and by far it has proved to be worth every minute I spend in it.


What are some interesting facts about yourself?

Well, I am an excessive sweater no matter what time of the year. I am an INFP-T and a somewhat fitness freak. 😛 I can officially not dance if my life depended on it, haha. AND I have both sleepwalked and sleeptalked on some long-gone day in my life, I trust.


How did you first get into blogging? 

It began with my dad, actually. I had no idea what a blog was, and my dad started it to post some of my early writings and such, but now it is taken over by me completely and am glad it is so.


How would you describe your blogging style?

I would say… all over the place? It doesn’t have a fixed theme, really, so I post anything that I enjoy. The whole purpose of my blog revolves around the idea of preserving what I enjoy, so to say. J


What are some tips for beginning bloggers?

Well, I certainly would say that it takes time to get in the groove. Rocky days are normal, not feeling motivated is normal, so if you want to be a blogger, you’ll have to be up for all of it.


What is your favorite design tip?

Well, my work motto (the one I just made up a moment ago) is ‘When all else fails, clipping masks are your saviour’. And seriously, if you’re having trouble designing your blog, take it easy- find a font you like, find a texture you like, put the texture on. That works magic, trust me. 😉


Did y’all enjoy that? I loved hearing Mukta’s answers!