30+ SUMMER BUCKET LIST IDEAS (& a freebie) ☀

welcome or welcome back to christina raquel!! i hope you enjoy this post ❤

most of my blog content & posts have been focused on summer lately which i lovveee and this post is no exception! today i’m going to be sharing over 30 fun ideas for things to do this summer. you can use this as a list for yourself or create your own bucket list (ps i made a freebie for that so wait until the end of the post 👀)

go on a hike

drive around & blast music

go stargazing

berry picking

bake a cake

do yoga

try a new workout or form of movement

get coffee with friends

have a bonfire/campfire

cook or bake something new

beach day

dance in the rain

redo your playlists

bible study

deep clean your room

make jewelry

read a whole book in one day

do an escape room

spend 24 hours off all electronics

sleep in the backyard

have a picnic

wake up for the sunrise

do a photoshoot

have a self care night


watch/set off fireworks

tie dye tshirts

go thrifting

buy a disposable/film camera

make a scrapbook


go on a bike ride

paint your nails

go to a movie

redecorate your room

have a shopping day

freebie :))

just because i love you guys i made you a fun little summer bucket list template that you can fill out on your phone or print out!

& if you want to download as a pdf you can do that too!!

if you use the freebie tag me on instagram @christinaraquelblog or email me a picture at christina.raquel.snyder @ gmail.com

i luv u guys so much !! comment below & let’s chat ❤


5 thoughts on “30+ SUMMER BUCKET LIST IDEAS (& a freebie) ☀

  1. I love these ideas Christina! I definitely want to do an escape room, haha I think I’ll wait for my birthday though to go with friends! Thanks for the freebie, it’s so cute! ❤

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