having a positive outlook on life can be hard especially when times are hard & stressful but positivity is so important! in this post (part of the glow up weekly series, which you can check out here) I’ll share some of my tips for staying positive & simple ways you can be positive in your everyday life. let me know what you think in the comments below after reading the post!! <33

positive quotes & affirmations

when I’m feeling negative/struggling to be positive I love to go on pinterest and search for quotes/affirmations that are positive!! this always makes me feel much better and is something super easy that you can do whenever, wherever.

gratitude journaling

this year I’ve really picked up the habit of journaling and I’ve felt so much more positive & happy when I’m dwelling on the things I’m grateful for! an action step that you can do is to write down 10 things you are grateful for every single day.

surround yourself with positivity

surrounding yourself with good friends and following positive accounts on social media are two easy but impactful ways to stay positive & grateful in your everyday life! check out my post about unfollowing negative accounts on social media here.

take care of yourself

taking care of yourself is so important & is something that is easy to drop when you’re stressed.
simple ways you can take care of yourself today: go on a walk/run, do some yoga or a short workout, clean your space & light a candle, turn on your favorite chill playlist, read a book that’s been on your shelf for a while, get coffee with a friend, journal, etc.

how do you practice positivity in your everyday life? let’s chat in the comments! xo christina



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