heyo frens!! it’s time for another glow up weekly (my fav & yalls fav). this week we’re going to be talking alll about skincare. just wanted to start off with a little disclaimer: i am not an expert or professional at all but i’m just going to share the skincare products that work for me and some tips from other people. <33 taking care of your skin is so important & it doesn’t have to be a 30 step routine lol (i feel like a lot of people think that!)

skincare tips

(these aren’t from me lol!! i do use some/most of these but these are all from other sources/experts so no need to worry)

  • use the right products for your skin type (I have combination skin which basically means that I have an oily t-zone aka forehead, nose, and chin but the rest of my skin is normal! I also have pretty sensitive skin so I use very gentle products)
  • wear SUNSCREEN! this is a huge one but I will be the first one to admit that I am so bad at this. I have yet to find a good sunscreen that I can put on my face that doesn’t make my skin red or look super weird. lmk if you guys have any recommendations in the comments.
  • maintain a healthy diet & drink lotsa water – another thing that is hard but it helps your skin for sure!
  • ALWAYS wash your makeup (if you wear any) off before you go to bed – pretty self explanatory but pleaseee don’t leave it on lol
  • also for me my skin is usually pretty clear but around my period I tend to break out more! so a lot of the time your skin can change based on your hormone levels which is honestly just inevitable ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • & there are many more skincare tips all around the internet and you can always ask your doctor for specific tips for you as well!

my skincare routine

(little warning I use like 2 things hahaha)

This is the cleanser that I use every single morning and night and I love it!! first of all it’s superrr cheap (literally $6 and will last you months) & it also works super well with my sensitive skin. I would highly recommend this and obviously there are higher end options but this is a great inexpensive product!

I also love this oil free moisturizer for combination skin! it also works well with my sensitive skin & it is really inexpensive. (linked if you click on the picture)

I also have been using other products like a clinque acne thing lol and different sunscreens! I also sometimes use a cetaphil scrub for my face if I’m wearing a lot of makeup that I need to take off. So I really don’t use a lot of products which is totally fine!

thanks for reading this post! let me know your skincare routine & tips in the comments below <33 xo



  1. I feel better now that you have a small routine too ๐Ÿ˜‚ I use CeraVe facial cleanser at night along with a PM moisturizer, and in the mornings I use their daytime moisturizer that includes sunscreen (which makes my face look very odd and pale without powder XD) The stuff your using looks really good! My aunt is an esthetician and says that Neutrogena is great!

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  2. I have normal skin and usually it’s pretty clear but lately I’ve been sleeping close to the time most people wake up, not drinking any water and probably stressing more than usual! My skin has been whack and just not happy. I know it won’t clear up till I get myself in order. I’m just going to have to buckle down and be stricter about my routine. That’s pretty inevitable when college starts though. My go to skincare brands are frank body, real u and Alya Skin! I alternate between them and use exfoliating scrubs, cleansers, a foaming wash and moisturiser in my routine. I’ll also apply tea tree oil to any spots and use a pink clay mask once a week or so! x

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