heyo friends! today’s post is a little different because I wanted to take a little break from my normal content and just chat with you guys!! introduce yourself in the comments below and share your current (or all time) favorite song, last book you read, favorite account to follow on social media, favorite podcast, and favorite snack 🙂

i’ll go first!!

hey!! I’m christina obviously lol. my current fav song would have to be rest on us by upperroom or getaway car by taylor swift. the last book i read was the looking glass by janet mcnally, and honestly I don’t even know my favorite account to follow on social media. my favorite podcasts are what we said and woah that’s good! my fav snack is frozen mango chunks (so yum!!)

your turn! share your answers in the comments below :)) xo


54 thoughts on “HAPPY FRIDAY!! LET’S CHAT :))

  1. Hey everyone! I’m maryam, a lifestyle + wellness blogger, influencer/content creator, interior design student and so on! My favourite song is best days by matt white, the last book I read is ‘I saw a Man’ by Owen Sheers, one of my favourite social media accounts is @paytonsartain and my favourite snack is nachos with pulled beef! x

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  2. i honestly loved this ❤ would i be able to borrow the idea?
    hey i'm meg, a food, lifestyle and positivity blogger (and other niches hehe, i can't make my mind up on content.) my current favourite song is champagne problems by taylor swift but i do love a good musical song, the last boom i read was the girl who came out of the woods by emily barr (it was amazing! definitely recommend). my favourite account in social media is @mollys.baking and my favourite snack is probably homemade banana bread! x

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    1. yesss of course you can! champagne problems is THE BEST song ahhh we’re basically besties already. I will check out that book and omg i LOVE homemade banana bread. so good!!! haha

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  3. agh this is such a fun idea!!! i’m megan, creative lifestyle blogger. my current favourite song is ‘Banks’ by Need To Breathe, I’m currently reading Girl Defined (definitely recommend!!) and my favourite account on Instagram is @spark.passion. my fave podcasts are woah that’s good, truth talks with tara and she lives purposefully. and lastly favorite snake… what to choose!?!? i think i would have to go reeses…

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  4. Such a great idea! Ok, here we go-
    Hi I’m Amber, a Christian, dance, and DIY blogger who loves art, ballet, and Jesus! My current favorite song (at least one of them LOL) is Know You More, by Chris August. The last book I read was called The Hunters (It’s part of a series called the Brotherband and also kind of a part of the Rangers Apprentice series as well.)
    I don’t have a favorite social media account hehe… and on of my favorite snacks are my homemade blueberry muffins when I get around to making them!
    (p.s. love your blog <3)

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  5. I love this idea! I’m Maya, a book(ish?) blogger (yeah, I have no idea how to describe my niche, sorry). My current favorite song is “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, I just finished reading Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, I’m not on social media, and I love the Kate and Abbie Show as well as some political podcasts! And my favorite snack is probably dark chocolate and/or frozen mangoes or cherries (but not together xD).

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  6. Hello! I’m Rebekkah and I’m an indie-folk songstress {Rebekkah The Band}. I recently released my first studio EP, Lifter of My Head, and it was quite an internal adventure. Ha.

    current favorite song • Deliverance by Wilder Adkins

    last book i read • The Reset by Jeremy Riddle

    favorite social media account • if Youtube counts, Koa Rothman’s vlog, This Is Livin

    favorite podcast • Legacy Church | Woodland Park, CO

    favorite snack • lately it’s been hot almond milk + maca powder + ghiradelli chocolate chips + cinnamon 😄

    happy weekend, everyone!

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  7. Hello, Christina and friends! What a wonderful idea. 💛

    I’m Liesl, a complete nerd, blogger, and author from the Detroit area.

    My current favourite song has to be “Hoodie” by Hey Violet, just because I love how upbeat it is.

    The last book I finished was Shadow of the Titanic, a nonfiction book about the survivors of the Titanic disaster and what happened to them afterwards. I wasn’t expecting much from that book, but it was captivating!

    I don’t have social media, but I can share a few of my favourite blogs: Maya Joelle and Windows. 😄 (https://mayajt.wordpress.com/ and https://windowstomia.wordpress.com/.) And of course this one.

    I also don’t listen to many podcasts. Or any. *shrugs* I’m not an audio person, so paying attention to people talking is hard for me. I’d much rather read a transcript.

    Ooh…my favourite snack is graham crackers with peanut butter and occasionally some Nutella. Not the healthiest, but certainly delicious.

    Happy Friday!! 😁

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  8. Hello!✨

    I’m Maddison, and I’m a lifestyle blogger! (Why is it so hard to define niches??) I also happen to be one of five kids, a writer/poet, and a Type One on the Enneagram. (Def would like to know what type you are!) My fav SONG is So Much More Than This by Grace VanderWaal. The last BOOK I read was Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes. I don’t have SOCIAL MEDIA, but I love the blog, nestingwithgrace.com! My favorite SNACK is either a Slim Jim + Orange Vanilla Coke, or fried potatoes + bacon!!

    This was such a fun idea!

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    1. hey maddison!! i totally get the niche thing it is so hard lol. ooh that is so cool! I actually don’t know my type haha I’ve taken the test so many times but I feel like I relate to many different types? and each time I take it I get something different. I think I’m either a 1, 3, 9, or 2 so all very close together. fried potatoes and bacons sounds so yummy! have a great weekend!

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      1. Ah, the thing about the enneagram is that it’s based on your motivations not your actions! So you can definitely act like almost all the types, it’s just what motivates you. And also it’s not a feel-good test…so whatever makes you feel the most exposed, that’s what you are.😜 Thanks! You too!❤️

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  9. hey christina! getaway car is amazing 😂 i’m kayla, my current fav song is always changing, but it’s probably something taylor swift right now (maybe gold rush or i wish you would); the last book i read was Rilla of Ingleside; i don’t rly use social media/podcasts lol; my fav snack is goldfish!!

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    1. YES I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TASTE and goldfish are amazing!! i wish we lived closer (not opposite sides of the country 😦 ) so we could hang out I feel like we would be such good friends!

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  10. this is such a cute idea christina! i’m ainsley a lifestyle blogger. my current favorite song is ilym by John K (such a sweet song!) but my all time favorite is Cornerstone by Hillsong Worship. the last book i read was A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander. my favorite account would be Tori and Chad Masters! They are the cutest couple and so on fire for Jesus! i don’t listen to podcasts much but when I do I listen to Woah That’s Good also😊 and for my favor snack where do i even start lol. i’ll give a couple stawberries, peanut butter m&m’s, white chedder cheese its, and mangos! have a wonderful rest of your day!

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  11. such a lovely idea girl! Heyyyy everyone I’m zainab! A teen positivity blogger! I’m currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and my fav movies are Aladdin (2019) and Avengers Endgame! One thing I have a huge passion for (well it goes without saying!) blogging! i’m in a group with my blogging besties including christina! i hope you all liked learning a bit about me, enjoy your days! 😀 ❤

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  12. AWW this is so cute!!!
    Hello all, my names Jasmin! I blog over at my blog, thewriterofletters.com and my favorite song is currently “headed south” by Zach Bryan, last book you read was one called “Catching Jordan” favorite account to follow on social media would be all of the blogs I follow, they’re absolutely amazing in every way and favorite snack would have to be a iced coffee or chocolate chip cookie! 💞

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  13. Sorry this is so late… But my name is Arabella! I blog at Sparks of Ara (however I haven’t been able to in a month because life has been so so busy!) My favorite song is either drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo or basically anything on Taylor Swift’s Evermore album. Currently I am reading Little Women, I don’t have any fave podcasts or people to follow on social media, but my favorite snack is anything chocolate! I am also an INFP and either type 6 or 9 enneagram! This was areally great idea Christina!

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  14. Yeah, this is a bit late but……..
    I’m Zee, and my favorite song of all time may be………I actually don’t know! I have a lot of songs I really like, but if you ask me I’ll choose ‘7 rings’ by Ariana Grande. My fav snack is English Muffins. They’re really yum, and I think it’s a breakfast thing, but whatever 😉 I don’t really listen to any podcasts, but my favorite account to follow an the media to is Karina. She has Instagram, a channel, and tiktok too I guess.

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  15. Hey there! I’m a little late but oh well 😂 I’m Hannah, a Christian, equestrian, & poet. My current fav song is drivers license. The last book I read was To Kill a Mockingbird (for school) and I would definitely read it again! One of my fav accounts to follow is Theodosia (on Pinterest lol) https://www.pinterest.com/theodosiakourt/_created/. I rarely listen to podcasts, but I’ll occasionally listen to woah that’s good 😛 My favorite snack is raspberries with papaya and a little lime on top (unique but sooo good). Have a great day!

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    1. girl I’m currently reading tkam for school (actually I read ahead and finished it in 2 days lol) and it’s so good!! i loveee woah that’s good it’s amazing. have a great day too!! xo

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      1. It is though! I was like, “eh another school book” and then read it and was like “omg this is for school? I’d read this on my own!!” Lol

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