First of all, happy new year to everyone in the christina and camera family! I love all of you and know God has amazing things in store for you ❤ Here’s to 2021!

To prepare for the new year, I made a vision board and filled it with pictures that inspire me for 2021. I encourage all of you to do this as well – I made a private pinterest board, filled it with all the pictures I wanted to include, and then played around with it in canva for a few minutes.

Here’s how mine turned out – I absolutely love it and think it’s full of happy vibes that will inspire me every single day.

As promised, I also have a fun freebie for you! I made a cute little journaling page for the new year – there are only 4 prompts so it won’t take a ton of time. Even if you’re not big on journaling (trust me, it’s not always the easiest for me either!) these prompts will help you get your thoughts out onto paper. Plus its 100% free so you have no excuse not to do it haha

if you use the journal prompts, share yours on instagram and tag me @christinaandcamera :))

happy 2021!! let’s chat in the comments below ❤


18 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR | 2021 VISION BOARD AND JOURNAL PROMPTS *freebies*

  1. So cool! Going to get stuck into my vision board on my days off, started in Pinterest too 😀 thanks for sharing & for the free journal prompts! Something I’m aiming to get into more this year. Take care x

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