Sadly, finals are here and it’s one of the most stressful times of the year. My finals actually got canceled because of covid and I’m honestly thankful. I know most people still have them so in today’s post I’m going to be sharing my lifesaving tips for surviving finals and actually getting some sleep! (sounds crazy, right?) Keep reading for the tips and don’t forget to comment and follow if you liked this post (:

start studying early

Your finals might not be for a couple weeks, but make sure you start studying even if they seem far away. Time will go by super quickly and you’ll feel a lot less stressed when the time actually comes if you’ve been studying for a while. Even if it’s too late to do that now, make sure you remember to next time!

focus on your mental & physical health too

This is so important! A lot of the time I get really caught up in studying/cramming and I forget about my mental and physical health. Here are some lifesaving tips for focusing on your mental and physical health – there are many more but these are some easy things you can do πŸ™‚

Some things you can do to focus on your mental health are: spend time with loved ones, journal, pray/spend time with God, take breaks when you start feeling overwhelmed, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Some things you can do to focus on your physical health are: drink LOTS OF WATER, don’t drink coffee every single day to give you energy (oops I’m guilty of this one!), add in some fruits and veggies to your diet, get your body moving (options: go for a walk, jog, yoga, a workout video, play a sport with your friends in the park, & so many more), and set an alarm to go to bed at night/start your bedtime routine so that you get enough sleep.

take some breaks

Taking breaks actually increases your productivity! If you struggle with taking breaks during your study sessions, I would recommend the Pomodoro method. Basically, you work for 25 minutes and then take a break. This way breaks are built into your study times! I also usually take breaks after working on a particular concept or subject. Just remember not to use your break as time on your phone lol! Another thing that helps me is to make it a rule not to study from a certain time at night to a time in the morning. For example, from 10pm to 9am you don’t work on school. This way you actually get some sleep at night and you have a time to get other things done each day (like moving your body, reading, etc.)

make a study schedule

I’m literally the most type a person ever but I love making schedules! Even if you don’t end up exactly following it it’s still a good idea because it gets you thinking about how much time you have for each subject. I usually do time blocking on google calendar (totally free!!). For example, I might block out 45 minutes to watch review videos for biology and an hour for my spanish study guide. I then print it out and keep it near my desk, which helps me stay on track! This might not be for you but I would definitely recommend trying it out.

watch review videos

Think “crash course”. These videos are designed to help you remember tons of key info easily. Crash Course is a super common one and is a great option! If you are in biology Amoeba Sisters is really helpful too. There are also tons of other youtube channels like these two, so share your favorites in the comments!

eliminate distractions

Your phone is definitely the biggest one lol! Put it on do not disturb or airplane mode, delete your social medias temporarily, put screen time limits on everything, put it in a different room, whatever you need to do to get off of it.

drink tons of water

I literally always say this but it’s so important guyss!! Read my post here about it because anything I say will just be a repeat of this post lol. Just go get a glass of water – what are you waiting for??

how are you studying for finals? what tips is the most helpful for you? let’s chat in the comments! ❀



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