Now that thanksgiving is over, it’s time for Christmas! I’m so excited lol. I’ll be doing a bunch of different themed gift guides this month but first I’m sharing what I want for Christmas. Obviously I won’t get all this, but it’s still fun to dream πŸ™‚

This is also a collab with Ara at Sparks of Ara! Her blog is super cute so go check it out for sure. She’s also posting what she wants for christmas so go read her post πŸ™‚

lululemon leggings

I am currently obsessed with lululemon because their leggings are just so cute! They have such a variety of colors and I would love to have a gorgeous collection like the one shown in the picture someday. Their shorts are also really cute and good quality just like their leggings.

boho woven bag

I love these bags so much and I really want a big one that would hold my phone, wallet, all that fun stuff haha. This bag gives off gorgeous boho vibes that totally fit with my aesthetic!

gift cards

the only picture I could find lol

Gift cards are always great to have! I love visa gift cards because you can buy whatever you want with them, but starbucks and target are some of my other favorites πŸ™‚ these are a great stocking stuffer in my opinion!

air force ones

Nike air force ones are very trendy right now, and for good reason – they’re super cute! I would love some white ones with some fun details to make them less plain. These blue stars are gorgeous and exactly what I’m looking for! The color is perfect and I really like how they change in size which makes these shoes fun and unique.

glossier skincare/makeup provducts

Glossier skincare and makeup products are also very popular right now and I would love to try them out! Their skincare helps your skin stay fresh, clean, and radiant and their makeup helps you achieve that glowy, natural look which I love!


Most people already own airpods, but I still don’t have any and I really want some! They make lots of things more convenient because they don’t have cords (like working out!). I would also love to accessorize them with a fun case to tell them apart from others and make them unique.

marc jacobs perfume

I don’t currently own any perfume (I knowww) but I am obsessed with the Marc Jacobs scents. They smell so summery and delicious but aren’t too strong for everyday use. Plus they’re super cute and I love the packaging!

casetify phone case

Last but not least, I really want to try out a casetify phone case. These are amazing quality and are also really cute! You can choose to get a personalized one with your name on it but I would love one of the ones in the picture above – the smiley face is my favorite!

have you checked out ara’s blog? what do you want for christmas? let’s chat in the comments below ❀



  1. The marc jacobs perfume is so lovely! I’ve always wanted one of my own. So fresh and those floral notes are gorgeous. Don’t worry about the airpods.. I’m also still waiting on my own pair, haha. My earphones have started to go funky so I’m considering opting for airpods next time. I always worry I’ll lose the darn things though.

    How gorgeous is glossier? I placed an order a while back and still have a bunch of makeup from them. It was a long and costly process though since they don’t ship to australia! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know they’re so easy to lose! glossier’s packaging is so cute and all their products are lovely! you should do a little haul of the ones you have, I would definitely read :):


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