If you live in the US, then I’m sure you’re well aware that this is thanksgiving week! I don’t have school this week and I’m so happy to have a little break from the normal everyday chaos. In honor of Thanksgiving Day on thursday, I decided to make this week’s quotes for your monday all about gratitude. Even if you’re not celebrating thanksgiving this thursday because you don’t live in the us, there are still so many things you can be grateful for ❀ love you all!!

what are you grateful for right now?? how do you practice gratitude in your everyday life? let’s chat in the comments below πŸ™‚



  1. I love these quotes! So beautiful and true!!
    I’ve been stopping to be grateful quite a bit recently! Getting to sleep in, having internet, and a working laptop all come to mind. You know, when you lose things it makes you more thankful to have them when you get them back!πŸ˜‚

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    1. haha I totally understand that! I lost my phone at busch gardens (a theme park) last week and didn’t have it for a week so I am so so grateful to have it now lol

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  2. Love these quotes!! I’ve noticed now that after I stopped ‘forcing’ myself to find something to be happy about or write it down everyday in my journal, I feel so much more grateful. Some days are just bad days and I allow myself to not be grateful. Most of the days I’m tho! About so many things! 🌈

    Toma πŸ¦‹ https://www.tomaruh.com

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