Today’s collab is from Hannah! She actually has her own blog which you can check out here 🙂 I can’t wait for you to read this post, it’s really good. Leave a comment below letting hannah know what you think!

Hey guys! It’s Hannah from Life As A Typical Teen. I’m glad to be writing this post for you guys to read!

COVID-19 has really been such a problem all around the world and many things specially business have declined in terms of money and customers.. Well, not all… we’ve still got online stores! Do you guys get your things online? If you do then read on! XD

I hope all of you have been doing well and coping well during this period of pandemic. I know many of us are not able to go out all the time for shopping so I thought maybe a post of my recommends of my favourites! 

I am going to share with ya’ll some of my favourite online stores and also some of my recommendations. So let’s get into it!

I’ll start with Inherit Clothing Co – their clothing that they sell are really nice, pretty, long, and modest, especially for girls. I would recommend that you click the link above and check out their online shop and blog, I’m sure you will agree with me! They have all sorts of skirts, dresses, clothing, and other accessories for all ages. I would love to order from them someday!! ♡ be sure to check them out here ~

Check Madewell out too! They have really comfortable jackets, blazers, really good clothing quality, accessories, shoes, and so much more! There are so many different types of designs you can choose from!

Another one would be Hollister Co!! Oh my!!! I LOVE the hoodies from Hollister! They are so pretty, looks really comfortable and also pretty affordable?! Not forgetting their jeans as well… ♡ I think I really love this hoodie! HAHAHHAHAHAH :)) Fall is arriving so why not get yourself some hoodies and jeans to go with your outfit,, and it also keeps you warm! I think I need to get one as well but I’m broke for now…

I think that’s about it for clothing…

Here is a list of other shopping platforms and shops you can check out.

Amazon is a good place to shop for accessories, electrical supplies, clothing, etc.. There’s so much more that they have in Amazon, but I think I’ll recommend the books. 😉 

For Etsy shops.. I’ve got a few picked out for you! (girls especially) heheheh.

  1. SP Scrunchies
  2. Peachandpoppyco
  3. TheColorBoxStudio
  4. BoxDesignStudio
  5. GodinspiredfashionUS
  6. Paperdropco (alt. site address)
  7. CreateandSo
  8. ReapandSowMarket
  9. LovelyBrideByAnna
  10. SintiqueArtworks

Ohh… I think that’s about it for my post here! Thank you so much for reading!

Stay safe and stay healthy guys!!!

Hannah @  Life As A Typical Teen🌧



    1. yess amazon is the best!! and thank you for asking girl! it’s going well, i’m taking an ap class which is hard and its homecoming week this week so i’ve been pretty busy! how about you?

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      1. No problem girl! Haha im not sure what an AP class is 😂 as I’m from the UK! Ooh homecoming that sounds exciting!! Im good thanks yeah! I’ve been starting to prepare for my GCSEs!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ooh I love geography! It’s actually one of my chosen subjects! We’ve learned about things like coastal erosion! I don’t mind it however my teacher gives us a lot of info to process all at once 😂

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