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For most of us, back to school is almost here! If you’re like me, back to school shopping is so much fun but it can also be overwhelming. In this post, I’ll share some of my recent favorites and back to school essentials you need. (with links so you can check them out for yourself!)

My goal is that you leave this post feeling less overwhelmed and possibly have a better idea of what products you need for the upcoming school year. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below! (:


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I recently got a HydroFlask and I’m obsessed! Everyone needs a new water bottle this year, especially since most water fountains are closed due to covid. I know the price might deter some people (to be honest, that was me!) but in my opinion, it’s so worth it. It’s actually very lightweight (I got the 32 oz) and since getting it I’ve been drinking so much water. I got the fog color pictured above and it’s a gorgeous mix of blue/purple/grey! I also got the straw lid which makes it very easy to drink from.

bath and body works lotion

Hello Beautiful Ultra Shea Body Cream - Signature Collection ...
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Lotion is definitely an essential product for me and this scent is so good! I’ve been using this one for a while and I love it. The scent is fresh/floral and honestly it just smells amazinggggg. I put lotion on every time I get out of the shower but especially when I shave because it makes my legs so soft lol!


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I think we can all agree that a planner is an essential product for back to school, but *news flash* it doesn’t have to be expensive! This planner from target (click on the image to shop!) is only $7, but it’s super cute and functional. If you’re looking for a more high end/personalized planner (keep in mind that it will be more expensive) I’d recommend Plum Paper!

blue light glasses

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Most of us are on screens all the time (laptops/phones/tv screens) and I think we can all agree that it has a huge strain on our eyes. I’ve heard amazing things about blue light glasses! These on amazon are only $16 for 2 pairs which is a great deal – you could keep both pairs or share one with a friend or family member. Plus they’re super cute and a fun accessory for any outfit!

face masks

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We all need masks these days! Whether you’re headed to work, the grocery store, the coffee shop, or school, most of us have to wear masks wherever we go. I recently ordered this mask in the heather grey color and I am obsessed with it! First of all it’s literally only $5 which is a very reasonable price and it’s also very lightweight and breathable. It’s also very stretchy, and while most masks don’t fit my small face, this one does which is so great! I’ll definitely be ordering more in other colors (like this gorgeous dusty pink!) If you’re looking for a comfortable and inexpensive mask for the upcoming school year, this is the one for you. Not sponsored I just want everyone to know about this product haha!

What are your back to school essentials? Do you use any of these products?


  1. Such a great post!! I’ve been wanting to get blue light glasses for a while now but all of them I find have weird shape that don’t fit my face properly 🌝😂 Also I’ve been in desperate need of a new water bottle! (Does your hydro flask leave any bad smell/after taste in your water?
    Hope you’re doing well! Xx, Victoria

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    1. yess its so hard!! and the hyrdoflask doesn’t at all! it is a little more pricey than some other options but if you don’t want to spend as much money you can always get a smaller size! so far it’s been amazing and I’d recommend it 10/10 🙂 have a wonderful day victoria!

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