I’m so excited for today’s post because I’m collabing with an amazing teen blogger and friend! Maryam is a “minimalist, intersectional feminist, blogger, and creative”, according to her profile on her blog, but in this post, you’ll learn even more about her!

head over to maryam’s blog to see my answers to the questions she asked me!

I’ve done several collabs in the last month or so (check out my interview with Zainab at Zainab Chats!) and I think they’re such a fun way to connect with other blogs and maybe even find another favorite blogger. My hope for this post is that you all learn more about Maryam and hopefully follow her blog (which is absolutely gorgeous!) ❤

1. when did you start blogging? has your blog niche/theme changed over time?

I have quite the interesting origin story actually. I began blogging five years ago and my niche was gaming. I was ten and so passionate about this game, moviestarplanet- I suppose I felt I had to share my love for it. I gravitated towards blogging because it seemed easy enough to get into and looked like a mature hobby. So, upon seeing the ad for wordpress, I set up my website and went from there.

In 2015, my blog received a major facelift- I switched to posting lifestyle content. By this time I’d realised that I could only go so far with a gaming blog, particularly one that was focused entirely on a single game. I had grown out of this moviestarplanet phase at this point too, so it made no sense to do what I’d always been doing. My blog really took off when I received a shoutout from a bigger blogger. I’d gotten lucky really. I was finally out there and it felt like I’d made it in the blogging world.

Honestly we started about the same way! I had a doll blog at first!

2. tell us all about you! what are some of your favorite things to do?

I’m Maryam, the sixteen year old blogger behind infinitelyadaydreamer. I live in beautiful sunny Sydney! My creative journey began in 2015 and ever since, infinitelyadaydreamer and I have been growing alongside each other.

I’ve always had a love for words. I’m passionate and driven when it comes to giving a voice to the things I believe in. Starting a blog allowed me a sacred space to share and brought me community.

Over the past few years, I’ve fostered my interest in design and all things creative. I have a particular fondness for photography, film and of course, writing. All of these are storytelling forms, which is something so important to me. I want my work to speak to others, my vision to be clear.

Other passions of mine are in intersectional feminism and minimalist living. As they say, change starts with you and then spreads. I am a feminist because I believe in an equal world. Harmony exists when we are all valued the same, despite our differences. When what could divide serves only to bring us closer together.

Infinitelyadaydreamer is a home for all my inner musings. I don’t have a specific niche, but I blog about lifestyle, beauty, art, wellness, minimalism, feminism and current affairs.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. guys if you don’t follow infinitelyadaydreamer yet you need to get on that! maryam is one of the people that I wish I could know in real life as I know we’d be friends..

3. Has your blog taken a long time to grow? Do you have any tips for bloggers who are in the middle of a season where it doesn’t feel like their audience is growing?

At this point in time I’m pleased to say that my blog growth is steady and has surpassed what I could’ve imagined or hoped for. I’m a bigger content creator on Instagram than here on my blog but this doesn’t faze me all that much. Gaining new readers takes more than just a press of a button. When you subscribe to a blog, there is commitment involved on both sides. It’s more serious business than social media. As a new blogger, growth was slow to come as I hadn’t yet broken out into the blogging world, nor made a name for myself. I had to first prove myself- who am I and what can I offer this community? How can I positively influence, guide and inspire the beautiful people that follow along with my journey?

My top tip for new bloggers who may be feeling uncertain or demotivated by slow or stagnant growth is to lessen your focus on numbers. After all, if there isn’t much to see, you’ll only find yourself in a vicious cycle of self deprecation and doubt as to what you are capable of. What you can do is find yourself like minded blogger friends who have been writing for longer. Let them know how much you’d appreciate it if they could spread the word about your blog. Then, do your research. Define your niches and from this work out what type of content you’d like to post. Make sure to write and schedule blog posts in advance- I use the batch working method. Essentially, this is dividing your workflow into set days of focusing on one thing instead of hopping from task to task. Finally, work on a killer site design. Create a brand for yourself.

I love these tips! Honestly these can apply to any blogger no matter how long they’ve been blogging. Sometimes when you feel super burnt out it’s time to reevaluate what you’re writing about. Is it still your passion? Do you still love it as much as you did when you started? If not, maybe it’s time for an identity change.

isn’t she gorgeous?

4. How do you get inspired when you’re lacking motivation or inspiration?

I find that a lack of motivation to work creatively, for me at least, usually stems from a less than positive mindset. When I’m not feeling my best, I can’t be at the top of my game and my craft suffers for it. I’m thankful this only happens on occasion, but I like to have things in place for when I need that extra motivational boost. Most often, I’ll catch up on the wordpress reader, scroll pinterest for a while and then take things offline. I like to do some skincare and then hop into a warm bath. It’s just a matter of doing what feels right for you at the time. I like to ask myself what I need in the moment.

Same here girl! Those are some great practical tips as well!

5. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever written on your blog? What about your best stats wise?

Oh, this is a difficult one for sure. My best post statistics wise is a recent blogger interview I did with the lovely Carly Allison. That got fifty eight likes, which is certainly a record for me. My favourite posts to write would have to be Q&A’s as I really enjoy getting an insight into what people are curious about!

I love Q&A’s as well! A lot of the time my favorite posts aren’t the best stats wise but sometimes they are! It really depends.

6. what’s something you’re passionate about?

I’m highly passionate about creating an online space that is an authentic reflection of me. I strive to be intentional and purposeful in all that I share. As content creators, we are influencers, even if we have small followings. My aim is to do what I love whilst bettering myself and encouraging others to reach their full potential as well.

i. love. this. goal!!!

7. favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is the community I’m a part of. Without my friends and readers, there would be no point to writing and I wouldn’t have realised many of my dreams. I enjoy being able to collaborate with other bloggers and content creators on posts as well as bounce ideas off each other. It’s the people that really make this platform. Those who take the time to comment, like, give feedback or have a chat.

Yes! It is much more about the people than numbers in my opinion!

8. have you ever taken a break? any tips for blogger burnout?

I haven’t taken any recent blogging breaks but I’m sure I would’ve dropped off a few times here and there, particularly in my early years of blogging. Sometimes the best way to deal with burnout is just to step back, change your focus and then revisit blogging and content creation once you have filled your cup. Consider your priorities. Where do you most feel lack in your life? Give to this area, then come back to blogging when you feel more stable.

9. do you have any tips for a beginner blogger?

My tips for beginner bloggers are to get ideas from your audience and from there, create blog posts that answer pressing or interesting questions that are asked. Pay attention to trending content and if it is something you are interested in, put your own spin on it when you write about the topic. Most importantly, learn to strike the right balance between writing for yourself and understanding your audience. You will each have different needs, wants and interests but how can you meet in the middle?

YES! You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t do trends if you’re not interested, but you should take input from your readers to see what they like to read!

I loved collabing with Maryam! It was so much fun for me to get to know her better and I hope you all enjoyed as well! You can find her on instagram at @infiniteleyadaydreamer, on her blog Infinitely a Daydreamer, and on Pinterest!



  1. Thank you so much again for the feature Christina! I love the layout of your post and definitely agree that we’d be good friends in real life! sending lots of love and light your way! This was so much fun and I hope we get to collaborate again in the future!

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